Monday, May 31, 2010

craft monday :: pet rocks

Last week I was reminded of something that is simple can also be so beautiful and meaningful. A simple feather found on a walk can be inspiration, a reflection, some hope, or even wisdom. Holly from Decor8 photographed a feather in different ways with her new camera and this story is what made me come to our craft for the week.

Keely and I went out and found a rock each. We were going to make pet rocks. Back when I was a child a pet rock did not have all the special things we put on ours, but it was time to jazz up a pet rock and give it some more visual life. I am sure there will be a moment in her childhood where she will pick up a simple rock and it will be her pet without any glitter and glamor.

Our saturday was full of rain and it was lovely to go hunting for our new friends in the rain. We both found our pet rocks and we waited until they dried and then out came our craft box and the glue.

Lily and Boris were born.

I loved how Keely just got into her box of craft and pulled out items I thought she would not be able to fit on her rock. She pulled a fluffy pipe cleaner which she used for Lily's legs. Lily was given one eye and a flower mouth. She was jazzed up with a little shiny shaped love heart and some crepe paper for a little hair.

Keely then photographed me doing my pet rock and I made Boris. He was a pretty boy with his red eye and long eyelashes. He was also given a flower mouth and a little purple hair.

I love how Keely wanted to grab the camera off me and capture my moments making Boris. Lily and Boris live in my orchid. They have their home here and Keely can talk to them whenever she likes. Plus it makes my orchid very pretty while it is not flowering.

I love our simple craft. The craft I did as a child. I hope you enjoy creating your pet rock.


  1. aww, that is old skool cool. love them! xx

  2. Smiling big this morning. I loved that post and Keely taking photo's of her gorgeous mumma is just too cute. Thanks Haley for bringing a bit of sunshine into my cold rainy day x

  3. love it :)
    and love the full pink skirt and electric blue shoes keely is sporting!

  4. Thank you for your supporting words and your moms rule.
    It´s actually mine too! I keep on telling my girls the exact words.

    Love your blog! :)

  5. How talented are you two ladies? Those are some fancy pants pet rocks you made. I'm very impressed. Go gals!

    I'm also impressed that Keely managed to hold the camera! I'm assuming you have a DSLR? Those things are heavy! x

  6. How cute are Lily and Boris! What a fun craft Hayley!! :)



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