Wednesday, June 30, 2010

a park mum?

I was never really a park mum. I preferred, (still prefer), to go to the beach and build castles, and go for walks and explore. Lately I have started to enjoy the park all over again, and so have my little ones.

We do not go to the park every day, it is something we do every now and then. I am the mum that does like to play with my little ones at the park, not just hang around and chat to other parents. I do a bit of that too, but I do also like to make sure they are safe and having a great time. Also there are moments where you have to join in the fun as there are no other children to play with. Be honest, you love a bit of a go on that slide too! It is a nice way for your little ones to climb and run around, and for you to let that inner child out for a little play!

I met a very close friend in our local park. Even though I class myself as not a park mum, I do have to be open to the idea of going from time to time. Plus it isn't all about me!

Are you a park mum, or dad?

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

beautiful friendships

I had a beautiful weekend, seeing new friends, that now feel like old friends. You know when it gets to that level of friendship where you feel like you can tell them anything, and there is no judgement. It is nice when they have the same trust in you, and when this happens you know you have an old friend, no longer a new friend.

My sunday morning was spent in another part of town with a dear friend, Anna and her little Rosie. We went to the cutest cafe, their cafe, and we had a very yummy mushroom dish for breakfast and Taj enjoyed a homemade muffin. I could not decide between that and the homemade banana bread, which was lovingly made in cute little loaves. I had a coffee made with love and a great chat.

Not only are we great friends, but Taj has a new girlfriend! Well, as Anna said, it is time for an arranged marriage.... can we do that?! I think looking at the images and the moments they had we can! Taj squished Rosie's face and gave her the biggest man cuddles and smooches. Rosie took it all in her stride, like a complete natural.

We had a nice walk to the park for Taj to burn off some of his hormones, while Rosie slept the cafe moment away. We found the most divine cat on the way to the park, which we all wanted to take home. But on the way home we realised he flirts with everyone that walks past, so we decided he can be there the next time we come for a play at the park. He is our park cat.

I am glad I ventured over the other side of the little bridge for a beautiful morning with old friends.

Monday, June 28, 2010

craft monday :: finger prints

A few weeks ago when I went and bought the elements for Keely to make her cards I also bought Keely this special little finger print kit. I thought it would come in handy on a weekend, or a weekday when I was not organised enough to get some craft together, or I was too busy. Too busy sounds awful, but lets be honest, we are busy being mums and dads.

The finger print kit includes the ink for the finger prints, stickers to make up their hair, clothing and accessories, the cards that have the scenes mapped out, and the envelopes to put your finished cards in.

Keely was in her element. I showed her the stickers and what they all were. I showed her the cards with little people on them, or animals. I showed her the ink for her finger print. And she showed me how to do it! I was really impressed with the way she just got into it and pretty much finished the whole kit full of cards and stickers.

I love the quirky designs and the fun people and animals you can make. It is nice also to now go away with these ideas and to create your own finger people and animals. You do not need one of these kits to produce a fun picture with your little ones. You can use paints, instead of the ink and you can use anything from your craft boxes to use as hair, clothing, or ears etc. for animals. The imagination is endless!

This is a great rainy day craft, and one that will make painting a lot more interesting. I am sure I will be using this idea with Keely again soon and she can use the things she has in her craft box.

I included lots of images for this craft activity, as I loved every expression Keely had on her face. She was very impressed with herself!

Enjoy making little scenes with your little ones!

You can buy the finger print kits at Pulp Creative Paper.... online!

Saturday, June 26, 2010


Our saturday mornings...... a walk, a waffle, great friends, and a coffee. Bliss!

enjoy your weekend!

Friday, June 25, 2010

hopes and dreams

It is somewhat comforting to know how many mums, and also dads feel the same with parenting. There are many different ways to bring up your children, but when it comes down to it we all just want what is best for our little people. We may do things the same, we may do them differently but we all want the same outcome.

I know for me I want two happy and healthy children. I want them to have confidence within themselves and have hope and dreams. Something we should all still have as parents too. I know I am personally just finding my feet with my hope and dreams. It is nice to be at a part in my life where I can honestly say that I am ready for me too now. I am ready to have some hopes and dreams, just like we did as children, and even growing up before we met our first loves.

Here we are, a friday. The hardest day of my week. I am not sure why it is. Well the day is good, I love my friday hanging out with Taj and catching up with friends. But when it comes to the evening I feel lonely. I feel a little empty. This seems to be the one night of the week where it would be nice to have a conversation. So what does one do to stop tears streaming down my face? I hire a chick flick. And I have hope and dreams.

I am now ready to start the weekend.

Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Today I am.....

Today I am tired. I had a great sleep and so did Taj, again. But, today I am honestly going to say this is hard work. Yes I have a supportive x husband, who is still my best friend, but it is still hard work. I am very lucky to have found new friends to fill a family void and to also cherish the lovely friends I have had for years. My new friends have no idea how much they mean to me, and how they have become more then just friends, they are building me a little family. I am not actually sure if my old friends also know this?

Today I am sharing images. Beautiful images of my girl. This is the reason I get up everyday. I am a mum, and my mum gave me this gift to be the best mum I can be. She brought me up in a way that showed me to never give up. Today is hard. Tomorrow maybe hard too. But being a single mum does not mean you can just give up. My mum never did, and I am sure she also curled up in a ball and cried. She also got up, wiped her tears and kept going.

My tears are wiped.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

sleeping :: no issue

Do you think there is too much pressure on mothers to be the best at everything? Especially training our children to sleep from the moment we bring them home from hospital, until they are old enough to understand the whole sleeping issue.

Back onto the sleeping subject; a subject that hangs around for the first few years of our little ones lives. Then we will face the issue of trying to wake them up to go to school!

I am having issues with Taj. Well maybe they really are not issues. I guess sleep is only an issue if you feel it is not working for you. I think there comes a time where I do have to personally look at where I am in my life, and where the children are and go with the flow a little more. Taj has changed his sleep a lot since moving into a room with Keely and then having so many ear infections. Every time we have a flow going he gets sick again and he wants to snuggle with me to sleep. I have no idea why I feel so much pressure to get him to sleep in his cot and to fall asleep on his own, when he wants to lay on me, and all he says to me is, "cuddle."

So today I have made a decision. There is no denying Taj gets ear infections, (one of his ears is still infected after a week on antibiotics), he also loves his mum, and he loves to have a cuddle to go to sleep. He now sleeps in Keely's bed for his day sleep and he sleeps in my bed in the evening for his night sleep. Both arrangements gives him the comfort of a cuddle with his mum to fall asleep, I get a little rest as he drifts off to sleep, and he is happy. Our co-sleeping has stepped it up a notch. And he has slept through the night TWO nights in a row!

When I lay there with him, I don't hear anyone in the room telling me I am doing the wrong thing. They are only books, other people's opinions, and their way. I think we as mothers need to find our balance with being the best mum we can be for our children. If it be controlled crying, holding your little ones hand, falling asleep with a dummy, on the boob or the bottle, or in mums arms; these are all different tools, our children are all different, and so are we. I am doing what works for us. No more tears for mum. Time to breathe and enjoy this time.

Sleep will not be an issue forever. Time for a big bed for Taj, pack the cot away, and in the meantime he can sleep in Keely's bed for his day sleep and snuggle up with me in the evenings.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

ada ada :: little pinwheel

The first arrivals of summer stock has hit the little pinwheel website today with the arrival of ada ada. I was very excited to pick the range up yesterday and to be shooting it on the little ones this morning. I am happy with the quality and the whole look of this label. If only I could make it grow so I could wear some of the pieces! One word for ada ada; soft.

You can find ada ada online now at little pinwheel. Sizes range from newborn to 4-5 year olds.

my birthday shopping :: pulp life

I have to share my fun birthday present shopping experience that we had over the weekend. I knew I wanted Keely to buy me something for my birthday, but I did not want a love heart headband so I took her to Pulp Life and I told the lovely Nicky my budget. I walked around the shop loving everything. Seriously I could have taken it all home. I don't think there was a thing I didn't like! (Remember, I did say in a previous post this is my shop).

I disappeared to the cafe next door to get the little ones a smoothie each after a big bike ride, and I left Keely to choose pressies for me. I returned to find Nicky and Keely wrapping a really big box and decorating a cute little gift tag for me.

I managed to find the vintage glasses and I came home with a pair. I am not sure what I will do with them, but I am thinking I may see how much it is to put some lenses in them and turn them into sunglasses. Or they can be my funny glasses. I might put them on when I am feeling sad and want to be happy. I actually love them! What do you think? Be honest!

Keely bought me the most divine cushion to go on my bed, a modern lamp and a red felt deer keyring, (the real little kid gift - got to love them)! I am going to share these gifts in more detail when I finish my bedroom.

I have a few projects on the go in our home and with a busy little pinwheel life and a sick child it has been a bit hard to complete them. I know once it all comes together it will be a really lovely home for us. I may have to share soon and do a mood board for the other elements I will eventually have in the rooms. (Now that sounds like fun)!


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