Saturday, May 1, 2010

talking saturday

Another weekend is here and another day I feel like talking, well writing! Although it is nice to know that there are people listening to me going on about my life. I hope you all didn't feel like a silent saturday!

I jinxed myself this week. I had a good day and then the next day, being yesterday, was a hard day. I sometimes wonder if it is the side of the bed I get out of. But that would not make sense as it is always the same side. Maybe I should try the other side? I am taking the good with the bad and enjoying the ride with both!

My not so good day was due to a teething Taj, a mum trying to put to many things on myself in such a short period of time, while trying to also get Keely ready for pre school, Taj ready for the day, and then finally myself. I did however turn my day around to be a lot better then it started out to be. I did a lot of house chores so I could finish the day looking around our space and feeling at peace. Don't you think a clean house, even if it is just tidy, or the house work is done, but nothing else, it makes you feel as if you have accomplished something? I know I forget about all of those things I have done throughout the day to make the day happen for two little people and for myself. I often forget how big my role is being a mother. We do not give ourselves enough credit.

The day finished with a trip to the fresh food market where we buy our flowers. Keely chose oriental orchids again, this time she chose white and a deep purple. The inspiration behind the chosen flowers, is Keely wanted to have a rainbow of flowers.

This weekend I have no plans. But, I do know that Keely and I are going to be doing a craft project today. Something I have been meaning to do with her for a while now. It will be fun, a little different and hopefully inspiring. This project is going to make our space fun! I really need to put together the drawers that go under my bed too. So it could end up being a bit of a DIY weekend and some more de cluttering, and finding new homes for stuff and things.

Enjoy your weekend! Anything exciting happening? Or are you like me and just going with the flow?


  1. gorgeous photos.. looks like you're doing a super job to me. yep, going with the flow this weekend. at least we've got some sunshine to enjoy, which has been missing down here for past few days. have a great weekend :)

  2. Oh my goodness Keely is getting cuter and cuter by the day. Watch out boys in fifteen years ;)

  3. I love the fact that you buy fresh flowers every week.

  4. Hello, how do you do, i've found you through Maeve Magazine, that's fun!! Love a real blog, the ups & challenges of mothering & business. Craft solves all our 'what to do' moments, always has, even now all 4 are in primary school, we craft together. Lovely blog & lucky you with those flowers. My husband isn't big on flowers (sneezy) but he's away for 6 more months so maybe i should get in the habit of buying them for myself?? Love Posie

  5. I'm rolling with the punches too. So very tired this week, but trying to get on top of things so we can have a smoother run next week. The light in your photos is just beautiful. So Sydney.

  6. It will be a slow weekend over here, recouping from the b-day weekend! Thanks for your comments, it is nice to hear how other perceive your work.

    Haley, You amaze me as a mumma. You are doing an wonderful job establishing fond memories for your kids. Keely will always look at fresh flowers and think of her days at the market with you. I give all praise to you and doing it by yourself. You are doing the toughest job in the world and succeeding!

    xoxo for Stateside.

  7. Great blog!!! I love the jumper with the rabbit Keely is wearing.



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