Thursday, May 13, 2010

forest eating chocolates

I run; love to run. I was running every morning, well almost, and I was feeling like your everyday forest gump. I would run and all of my fears, bugging thoughts, and everyday stresses would disappear. Now with shin splints in both legs I am sitting on the park bench eating my box of chocolates. I am watching all gumps run past me. (Not that I am complaining too much as the chocolate is really good, but the body won't like it for much longer)!

There is so much happening for me right now and for me to put that box of chocolates down and just run would ease a lot of bugs. I have managed to walk some mornings. When I say walk, I mean walk. I am not your stroll along the beach girl. If I am there to exercise, then I am off. As you all know, if you are not so new to the blog, I have recently become a single mum, along with loosing my biological mum over my abuse and also giving my mumso the peace she wished for. Running helps me with the start of my day. This and my iced coffee kicks me off, or kicks me up the bum!

I have had to start walking Keely to pre school, pounding the pavement, to get the extra clearing head exercise. At first it was about me, but now it has become such a fun time spent for all of us. Some mornings and afternoons we all walk together, no little bodies in the pram or on the skateboard. We walk walls and play in other people's gardens. I love watching them play together. I also love how something that was all about me, turns into something that is all about them, and it brings me so much happiness. I have had to become quite organised and do the drop off and pick up a little earlier to take into account the strolling and exploring. This way I am sticking to the routines. I am a sucker for routines.

I am thinking of starting yoga. Bikrams. Sweat out the stresses and maybe meet some new people at the same time. I was hoping to train for the city to surf with all of my running, but think that old age is catching up to me..... ok, I am not old, but hey I am just saying what my mum used to say to me!

Do you do any yoga? Anyone tried the sweaty yoga? What do you do to clear your head of all those bugs, or what do you do to get your exercise?


  1. Bikram yoga rocks! Pre baby I did alot of Bikram - you will love it especially if you love to sweat!
    I love the honesty of your blogs Hayley. Beautiful x

  2. I used to love running. Mad for it. I would run in the rain or in 40 degree heat. Then I moved to London and didn't keep it up, as much. I cycled or walked everywhere. When we moved back here I started running, but then when I fell pregnant I really didn't feel like it. So I started swimming. Oh man, I love swimming. It's the best.I went yesterday and feel so good for it. Do you ever swim?

    Bikram Yoga is good. Hard work. My only advice (for what it's worth) is to make sure you keep some of the spiritual aspects of yoga when doing it, and not get too caught up in the physical. (It will make the postures WAY easier!)

    OK – so sorry for the long comment!

  3. i've heard bikram yoga is intense. i too have been thinking about doing some yoga classes on the beach here at the goldie. i've been to a few zumba classes and they've been loads of fun! xx

  4. I've always wanted to try 'sweaty yoga' but there's none of that out in the 'burbs. I used to be a dancer & used to sing in a rock band so used to de-stress that way. Now I just eat too much chocolate!



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