Tuesday, June 30, 2015

our school holidays on a budget

These holidays are about ease, not a lot of money being spent and old school activities. Pretty much the same way I roll every school holidays! Although this time, I am watching my hip pocket a whole lot more and interested in seeing if I can keep that under control.

Today was the first day we had a full day of holiday fun. Today we rolled, literally, into Manly for coffee, hot chocolates, beach and park play. 

No full plans for the week, although I am thinking, a bush walk, bike ride, maybe the zoo ($$?... our zoo pass needs to be rebooted with cash), catch ups with friends, and even a day at home. Think we need to bake some treats, check out the lego box, write to their penpals, climb a tree, play with the other children in the street, and print some colouring in activities. 

I am pretty sure I have done ok today by Taj's reaction, and $9 spent.

Do you have any cool ideas for school holidays?


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