Wednesday, May 12, 2010

recipe swap and iphone apps

After all of these posts of me opening up, today is going to be a bit of a lighter post without those scary eyes staring at you. Wow, they are full on. Still scare me today after all of those years of drawing them. Won't talk anymore about it right now as it will turn into another post! So today let me talk yummy food and my cool photos.

Firstly I have to say I would class myself as a bad cook, that is if there is good and bad. If there is in between then I would say I am an average cook. I am the meat and three vege girl. But over the last few years I have changed, my cooking has expanded and I have a better palate. Although, I have always enjoyed good food, love it. Love eating out! But lately I have been stuck with just two meals for myself. A chicken noodle salad, which sometimes I mix it up with some lamb or beef for the iron. And a cous cous salad with roasted veges, which is so yummy! I know I am alternating between these two meals due to the time they take and the fact they are healthy. I can share recipes for both if you do want as they are easy and quick for mumma's to prepare. Got to love easy and quick meals.

Last week I had Jamie Oliver in my kitchen. I know lucky me! But he was not the real deal, he was on my iphone. He has done a application for 20 minute meals and I have so far made two of them and to my surprise he is pretty spot on with the 20 minutes. I took an extra 5 or so, but that is because I am pretty much dancing in the kitchen at the same time. Love a boogie while I am cooking! The meals looked exactly like the images he has supplied on the iphone app. I felt like a cook!

I don't want to really sit here and talk about the iphone, as so many people do, but I really am happy with the things that help me as a busy mum. We are all busy mums and it is nice to share what makes our lives a little easier, even if it means plugging a phone!

I made the lovely soup you can see in all of the images. Taj helped, it was so cute! It is a potato and leek with Taleggio, (yummy cheese, but I substituted for pecorino as my local Growers did not have it, but this is just as good; or you can do good old parmesan cheese). The soup took me about 25 minutes, but I am sure I can do the 20 minutes, with no dancing, ok maybe a little, and without my beautiful helper. Jamie does use a few fresh herbs and I have noticed if I mix up his recipes to suit the herbs he adds to each meal then I will not have any go to waste. Plus I totally understand why he loves fresh herbs, makes the meal!

Now on to another iphone app, sorry I know plugging this phone! But this is fabulous for mums who do not have camera in the bag and you don't have to be a whiz with the camera to take creative images. Your camera comes with you all the time and seriously it is fun. My images in this post, are all from the Hipstamatic application. This is a great app as you can mix up your lens and your film to create different looks. Now enough about the apps!

The images above are of us enjoying mum's iced coffee. We all like to have a little. Maybe that is why I always have happy children! Well, trust me they are normal, there are tears, tantrums and some really chaotic times. I will have to do a post showing off my children when they are in the full swing of creating chaos for mum.

If you do not have the iphone and you would love some of these recipes I am happy to share. Just let me know and I will post them for you. Nothing like sharing recipes. If you have a fabulous meal that is yummy and easy then please share it. Now I really feel like a mum swapping recipes!


  1. Can you please adopt me....or at least can I fly up just to have dinner at your house.....your cooking looks amazing
    Jen x

  2. I love helpful mommy apps, thank you so much I will be downloading these apps. Oooh you should post any entertaining kid or toddler one's if you have any too. Thanks so much, I love your blog by the way!


  3. those pics are fab Hayley!!!
    I am in the average cook description aswell, i LOVE to bake, but when it comes to dinner time...luckily we have our own personal Chef around.

  4. im sold ! i need a new phone, ive been loving your new pics...and now the recipies..well thats done it for me..i must get one ;-)

  5. I heard the LoMob App is better than Hipstamatic but Im not lucky enough to own an Iphone so that's not from personal experience. Cooking with kids is fun and so important for them i think xx

  6. you totally make me want an iphone!



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