Thursday, April 30, 2009

Polka Street Style Mission

I thought it might be time to reveal some of the photos taken for the Polka mission. I still have 5 days to complete my mission and I have a few more creative shots up my sleeve. In the meantime check out these shots with Keely and her boyfriend, Oliver. These particular shots were taken by my fabulous friend, Trudie, who is Oliver's mum and fabulous photographer all rolled into one. My husband, Simon, also a very talented photographer (how lucky am I) took the ones of Keely at her favourite cafe and hanging out on the sidewalk. You can buy all of these outfits from Little Pinwheel!

The Fairy Tale of Heavenly Creatures

Once upon a time there was a beautiful brand Heavenly Creatures that was born into the magical world of Australia in 2005 by two very creative mums......Heavenly Creatures is like something from a fairy tale and every piece is made with so much care and love right here in Australia. If you have a little princess that loves to use their imagination or you know of one then layer them up in Heavenly Creatures

The Fussy Eater

Our children can test us at some stage in their lives when it comes to eating or not eating the food we make or buy for them.  As a parent we all like to feel we have the time and the patience to cook every meal for them from scratch and with organic ingredients. I know myself this is how I started off with my daughter, Keely, it was all organic vegetables and I made every meal from scratch. We then received information about a new brand of packet pureed vegetables which were convenient, organic and 100% vegetables. Once Keely had these a few times she no longer ate my vegetables that I made so in turn I tried desperately to copy the recipe to the exact percentages.  Although I could never get it to taste the same to her and I reverted back to the packet.

My daughter at the age of 3 was eating pureed vegetables from a packet, with cous cous and she was happy enough to eat it every night. I however was feeling like I was not being the best mother and wondering where did it all go wrong, should I have never started the convenient vegetables? Now with determination and a 6 month old who was about to start solids I thought it was now time to put my energy into getting Keely into eating a whole range of foods. Well that was the plan; we all have one or several and I know that I will be tested again when it comes to food. I don't necessarily believe I did it wrong, my daughter has eaten vegetables almost every night of her eating life and that cannot be wrong!

To help my fussy eater turn into a "normal" eater I have made a chart with 10 boxes that are numbered. Keely and I cut out pictures of food out of magazines that I would like her to eat and she decorated her chart with them. They were pictures out of my husband's Donna Hay magazines, which he does not know anything about, yet!  We were armed with stickers and food ideas to quickly fill the chart so Keely could have her prize, which she chose to be a barbie doll.  We made and cooked meals together, making faces, animals and anything with food to build up the appeal.

We finished the chart and Keely has her Barbie, along with a few little barbie accessories along the way. Keely now eats red meat, chicken, rice, pizzas (homemade of course), soft boiled eggs with soldiers, apples on occasion, strawberries if I am lucky, fish fingers, ricotta and vegetable tarts, mashed potato and my very own vegetables that are not pureed! I am no expert when it comes to fussy eaters or raising children, but I am a mum who wants to be the "best mum" to my children. 

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

mission polka and the marshmallow!

The Polka mission has been so much fun and to think I still have a week to go! When we were taking photos of Keely at her favourite cafe she received a babycino with a marshmallow and I thought the series of photos that were taken involving this marshmallow were fun and cute. 

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Velour is Back!

Keely and her boyfriend Oliver had a ball doing this shoot for the magazine ad and I thought why not share some of the pics on the day. Check out Little Pinwheel for your Polka velour trackies.

Tiny Mammoth

Little Pinwheel has quite a lot of Tiny Mammoth stock in store for babies and children with new stock added late last week.  Tiny Mammoth is the quirky fun brand with great prints and fun styles for your little one. Have fun with the label and mix and match back with other brands on the website.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Polka Mission

Today I received a very important mission from Polka and I have accepted. You can read all about it below and follow my blog for updates. The creative head is on and I am up for this challenge!  



Dear Hayley,


As a woman of notable style, gorgeous children, and serious talent behind the lens – you have been chosen for this fun mission.


Your mission should you choose to accept it, is to create some ‘caught about town looking fabulous’ images of your kids, decked out with excessively layered outfits, with daring mix and match combinations – and accessorised to the maximum – using as many Polka pieces as you have, combined with other brand items if you like, but revolving largely around the POLKA pieces. The idea is to replicate the street style spotting images commonly found on style blogs, so think – bag on arm, hat, beret or beanie, and scarf, sunglasses (if they’re cool ones)- and for the location – would love some sidewalk cityscape type sceneries, lampposts, zebra crossings or sipping baby cino’s at your fave cafe. Or sitting at a bus stop, train station, in front of a street sign, an old building, or even a graffiti’d wall. Would love some of both Keely and Taj separately or together if possible – not sure quite how Taj can be caught about town....but maybe snapped in his stroller – looking fabulous, or on your hip – with mama looking stylie too as we know you do! Or maybe Keely sitting at a bus stop or park bench with Taj. Take as many photos as you wish, if your friends want to get involved – make a fun morning or afternoon of it – the more kids the merrier! Maybe Keely’s Boyfriend too!! We love him too!

You will have 12 days to complete your mission should you choose to accept.


This message will self destruct in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1



Marika and Jo


Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Child Magazine Ad

I am just about to have my first advertisement for Little Pinwheel in My Child magazine and thought it would be nice to share the design with you all. Keely of course is in the photo with her boyfriend Oliver whom she just adores and had a ball with getting this image.  There were actually numerous images I could have chosen, but I like this one as it is candid. They are both wearing fabulous threads from Polka and who ever thought that velour could be so cool! I want one!

Saturday, April 18, 2009


This is my first advertisement and what better place to be then on Polka's website! Polka is the fun, cheery brand that is secretly my favourite label on my website. Well no secret now, but why keep this to myself when I think you should all know how fabulous their gear is. Not only are their clothes fantastic, but they, Jo and Marika that is, are super lovely. You only need to look at their range of threads to see why I love it.  

It is quite scary starting your own business and to have two very supportive and encouraging people behind me is all I could ever ask for. I feel you should always support other people in some way and what they have done for me may only be small to some, but to me it is huge! Thanks Polka!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

on the air!

Yesterday Little Pinwheel was launched into the big wide world of the web!  I am doing a blind launch and at the moment only my closest friends know, but I know that they are changing that as I type.  Word of mouth is the biggest form of business and I know, like myself, my friends have big mouths!  I have to also mention the biggest thank you to my first customer, my dear friend Tanya.  You are so naughty, but also incredibly lucky to be my number one customer (there is an extra treat coming with your parcel)! 

I have just received more Nature Baby stock today, which will be made into beautiful gift packs for new babies.  

Thank you to everyone who has helped me make this dream become reality.  Thanks to all my wonderful brands for your support!

Have fun shopping and please feel free to give me any feedback!

Friday, April 3, 2009

my little helpers

Stock has been piling up and I have been very busy uploading the items onto my little pinwheel website.  There is so much more to it then what I thought and I have a new-found respect for computer programmers!  Last week I was busy taking photos when my son, Taj, woke up from his sleep.  I only had a few more items to photograph and among them was a beautiful knitted blanket. Taj decided that he wanted to join in, so while I was cleaning up I put him on the board under the camera.  He loved it that much I thought I would wrap him in the blanket.  I am very lucky to have two beautiful children who want to be a part of my dream.  Keely now knows the routine and she will go and get a pen for me once a delivery arrives.  She takes everything out and waits for me to mark it off as we count together.  She has claimed the tracksuit she is wearing in the picture of her and many more things too; she is a girl who likes to shop like her mum!

I am now officially ready to launch my end and I am now waiting on my fantastic website company to tie up their end and I will be live, maybe even today!  I am doing a blind launch so no one will know, except the people in my life that I care so much about and you are all the ones that I know will come back if there are a few teething problems, which I am sure there won't be!

I have also been busy trying to get my newsletter sorted and I have a fabulous company who is supporting me and I chose them as they do such great things for healthy, easy kids meals. They are going to write some recipes for me and include some great articles relating to children in up and coming newsletter issues.  They are Organic Bubs and are located close to my home on the Northern Beaches in Sydney.  I have ordered through them many times for my picky daughter and she has loved their food, I don't know what I am doing wrong! Although, I have always been told by my mum that I was only a good meat and three vege cook!  So if you have a fussy eater or if you are looking for some quick, easy and very healthy dinners for your little ones then grab some Organic Bubs Meals.

I will let you all know when I am officially on the air!


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