Saturday, May 8, 2010

happy mother's day and weekend

This week has been a little bit of a blur for me. An emotional rollercoaster. One that has been filled with a lot of strength, courage and fear. I have not really had the chance to think about mother's day and what we will be doing. I actually am not sure if doing something matters, as long as I have a beautiful day with my little ones. I could quite happily do what we always do and I will be happy.

This week I have learnt so much from some of you, things that not only will I hold in my heart, but things that also will make me a better person and mother to my children. It is nice that the written word from a stranger full of encouragement, fears and hopes can help you as a person.

There is no doubt I will still do something. I love picnics and I am sure we will have one. There will be some baking in there somewhere too. Nothing like cooking something sweet with your little ones. Keely is off to the Finders Keepers market today to find me a present. I am very jealous as I love this market. I am however going to get my haircut, which I must admit I love. There is something about getting your hair washed by someone else.

I received the beautiful gerberas from Keely yesterday as her pick for me. I think they are lovely! She also made me a present at school during the week and I am know that will be very special. I will share it on Monday for craft monday.

Enjoy your mother's day and your weekend. Any big plans for your day, or are you getting a surprise?


  1. Hayley,
    I am sure whatever you decide to do the day will be lovely.
    I am making a weekend of it as it is birthday tomorrow also. The girls and I are going to our favourite shopping center today BONDI where we will shop , lunch and then have dinner.
    Tomorrow we will take my mother out for a lovely brunch.
    Happy Mother's Day Lovley lady!!

  2. I hope it is a day full of precious moments. x x

  3. I will spend it at home with my 2 big kids and baby bump. We are planning on doing some really special..I will have to come back and let you know how we go! Sadly Hubby has to work,he always works these holidays because he is in hospitality. I hope you have a wonderful Mothers Day. I know what you mean about having someone else wash your hair, I love it too! xx

  4. Happy Mother's Day to you too!! No big plans, i mean, 4 children & husband away, will be the same cooking, cleaning & parenting day, only with some gorgeous flowers already sent from darling husband & handmade gifts from my children, ahhhhh, love Posie

  5. Happy Mothers Day Hayley!

    I hope you have a delicious day with your little ones... picnicing, baking or whatever you may do.

    Chris is working most of the day but I do believe I'm getting some sort of surprise after. All I know is Rosie and I have to be ready to go at 6. I LOVE surprises!


  6. Happy Mother's Day! I hope this weekend brings beautiful smiles, warm hearts and lots of hugs {but I wish that everyday for you!}.




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