Friday, March 27, 2009

New Front Page Photo Shoot

Being a bit of a perfectionist I decided that I did not want the front page image that was initially chosen.  Keely and her boyfriend Oliver were teamed up again to pose in front of a white wall to create a clean and beautiful photo for the launch.  The theme for the first shoot was Easter and since there has been a slight delay on the launch date I decided it would be better to have a winter theme.  Keely and Oliver were happy to play models again and being such great friends they created such a fun and gorgeous photo.  

Monday, March 16, 2009

Count Down!

At the end of last week I received access to the back-end of my website and it has been a crazy few days uploading products and taking photos.  I am a creative person, so it has been quite difficult to switch on the smart side of my brain, although my brain works when it is a creative computer program.  I never realised how intricate the back-end of a website is and I now have a new found respect for computer programmers!  

I am also working out what I am going to have in my first issue of my newsletter.  I want it to be a bit different to your regular online store newsletter.  I do want to show what new stock is coming or released in store, but I also want to have a newsletter that is an interesting read.  My brain has been in over drive!  Thank you to everyone who has signed up and for sending the website link onto your friends; there will be a special gift for your support!

The next couple of weeks I will be receiving more stock and I will be moving forward to the launch.  

Stay tuned!


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