Tuesday, May 4, 2010

my new space

To continue on with my DIY weekend, I am going to share my new space. I have finally finished putting my new bed together, finding new homes for all the stuff and things and making my space more me. Although I am kind of thinking with a lot of elements from the Taj sharing my room days it is not as me as I would have thought it would be.

The bed is fantastic as it has drawers underneath which hide all the things we stuff under our beds, especially living in apartments. It is so nice to feel less cluttered and have some more storage options.

Having the owls on my wall and having the fabulous prints from Shannon Lamden are not such a bad thing. These are reminders of when Taj was only a baby and he had his little space in my room. I know I will have to remove them at some stage, especially the prints as they need to go with Keely's prints in their room. But for now they can stay with me. I quite like the splashes of colour, and to be honest I am a mum and I have little people living here, and there is nothing wrong with finding a little piece of them in every room.

I have a few plans of the items that I will be getting to go on my chest of drawers. Items that I spotted at the Pulp Life shop! Watch out girls I am coming back for more. I will eventually buy something to go on the wall too. I was thinking a mirror would look nice, but with a huge mirrored wardrobe in my room already I am thinking not. That is way too many reflections!

The sharing a room is going well with Keely and Taj. Taj does sleep in with me a few times a week though, but I am all to happy to have the cuddle. Keely was the same when she was a baby and now I only get the morning cuddles. She is too quick to tell me she is getting up to turn on ABC kids!

Each night Taj would get up I would have to move the bed against the wall, as my new designed room has the bed in the middle. It was fine and easy enough to move the bed and it is nice to know there is no way he can fall out of the bed and get hurt. When I completed the drawers and I was placing one of them under the bed I realised the bed had come apart at the bottom. (Of course it is from me moving the bed back and forth). I had to take the other three drawers out, take the mattress off and tip the bed up to fix the problem. I have since placed a bed barrier, or gate if you would like to call it that, to stop him from falling out. This way there is no moving the bed in the middle of the night, the bed should now stay together, (one can only hope it was not due to my dodgy DIY building), and Taj cannot fall out and get hurt, and he feels happy and safe cuddling his mumma!

I am very much into this whole DIY thing and I feel like I can accomplish anything right now. I have Keely and Taj's room to finish, but it is finished enough to show you that soon. It is nothing special. It needs to have little details done to make it more cozy for them. Their space and my space will be finished one day!

Do you have an ongoing project, or a list as long as mine? I have so many more things I need to finish or even start. It is nice knowing these jobs are there ready when I have the time to do them. I know growing up I was forever helping my mum with something new. Please tell me it is normal to potter and do these things, and it is not one of our crazy family things!


  1. Love your new Space Hayley! xo

  2. Lovely space!

    Our room looks a little bit like a children's room too as we are sharing with Rosie, but to be honest – I love handmade kids toys and things like that – so I use it as an excuse!

    Can't wait to see the little one's rooms too.

    You go lady with your DIY! xxx

  3. we got a storage bed too (it only took us a couple of years) and I love how many things we can hide away! now we just have to get our act together to make some floating nightstands. despite the under-bed storage, we still put our books, magazines and water glasses on the floor! hope that doesn't take us a couple of years too. maybe seeing your lovely space will inspire us to get our acts together!

  4. LOVE the new space!!! Would you mind telling me where you get the beautiful font I see you use? the handwritten looking one?!?! Thanks Sarah :)

  5. Hi Sarah!

    It is called Hi light..... I love it! There is another one I used to use called Wendy and that is lovely too! If you google hi light font or wendy font you will find it. Here is a link I found http://new.myfonts.com/fonts/prototype-exp/hi-light/

    I hope this helps!

    Take care,

    H x

  6. nope, sorry, have to say that is just your crazy family thing! NOT! i LURVE pottering, i was born to potter! my current projects are with our photo's. i need to get new modern looking frames and replace old photo's and i also have 2 display area's i want to do, one in the loungeroom, one in summer's room. i want to have a big mass of images, be it canvas, framed, raw prints, etc all worked in together. when i get the time! ha!



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