Monday, May 17, 2010

craft monday :: little guy

This week I had to share this fun craft with you from another lovely mum and her twins. After talking soups and recipes I thought I should share a craft you can do with your children and food, and/or food scraps.

Georgie, from Beep Beep slings, has the most adorable little twins. She is also a fabulous cook and I love hearing what she is making her family for dinner. Last week Georgie also made the Jamie Oliver potato and leek soup. But she did not stop at just making a lovely soup for her little people. She helped her twins create a little man using food.

Let me introduce you to Guy!

Guy's head is the end of a leek, with an exceptional head of hair.
Guy's body is a mandarin.
Guys arms are penne pasta.
he did have half cashews for feet.. but "Sadie ate them!!" Poppy told mummy.

Guy sat on the blender for a few days till Charlie (Charlotte 5) ate his body for morning tea.

I am loving Guy and wondering what I might be able to use to create our very own little Guy. With Taj loving food and Keely not loving it, I think this will be a fun activity for us. One that will allow Taj to play with his food even more and for Keely to see food in a whole different light.

Enjoy making your own Guy!


  1. that is the cutest, funniest little food man ever! love it! i'm going to try one with miss summer too. thanks georgie! xx

  2. That is just adorable ... and so are those twins!



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