Monday, May 10, 2010

my beautiful day remembering mum

Tonight I would love to share with you a few images from my lovely mother's day. I had no real plans for my day, but it ended up being quite planned! I loved every minute of it and it will be a mother's day that will stay with me for a long time.

my beautiful mother's day gifts

We baked! Of course you have to do some baking, or at least eat something sweet on mother's day. Well that is my excuse for baking and eating something sweet that goes to ones hips! I chose double chocolate cookies from donna hay to bake. We all got in and put everything together to make our lovely treat. Mum burnt the first lot, and I blame it on the gas oven. I cannot seem to work it out. Gas top good, gas oven no good! Although thinking it was good as I could only eat one cookie and not several!

After we baked we went down the beach for a beautiful moment for my mum. We took a gerbera each to place in the water for mum. It was beautiful and a lovely way for me to have time with mum and for Keely and Taj to have that time too.

We then came home for Taj to have a sleep. While Taj slept Keely and I had a tea party and ate our one cookie each! It was lovely as we got to use their Ikea tea set as it is ceramic. Keely had her milk and I had mine. It was a beautiful moment to have together. We had to fill our tea cups and our milk jug several times to get enough milk to wash the yummy cookie down. This is the part Keely loved!

Once we had finished playing tea parties we then did our craft which I shared with you this morning and then we went down the beach for a picnic. We had fish and chips by the beach. Watched the kites fly and had a relaxing afternoon.

I am posting tonight as I have a lot to say and share this week. I am enjoying writing so much, there is so much in my head and my heart, and wish I could write a book.


  1. Simply lovely!! Delicious excuse to make double chocolate anything!! Love Posie

  2. What a lovley mother´s day.Really, really...wonderful...I feel better now and yesterday we had a relaxing and cozy day.So fine to have time for the family...;)...Have a good start in the new week and cheers and hugs...i...

  3. i think you should write a book! i would buy it =) xx

  4. You don't need me to tell you this but i will anyway...... your kids are just so divine!! They are always glowing with happiness in your photos.



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