Wednesday, May 19, 2010

their space :: the pods

I know I am yet to share the space for the little ones, but thought I had to share this fun purchase I made for their room. I recently discovered these at the Polka Summer 2010/11 shoot as they were used in the images with Taj in them. I fell in love with them on the day and was so happy when they were piled up high in my local toy store.

I had the pram that particular day and managed to get the two kids home, all my groceries and the two new pods. Oh, they have a name, they are the 'pods.' Well they are actually not called pods, but this is the name Keely has given them. With the way their bums fit in them and the way mumma likes to whiz them around on the carpet, I think that is the perfect name! For those of you that are interested they are called Bilibo, and they have won design awards.

I personally love the fact they will fit into their room nicely. Especially when I eventually buy them a bunk bed to create even more space. I promise to share their space soon. I am not finished. I still have to put their pictures on their walls properly, and put up something else special, but need to go and visit the hardware store for that. With three sick ones in the house, this is my excuse for the work in progress!

The little ones have taken their pods in the bath with them too! The best two games they enjoy is using the pods as stepping stones and holding each other up, or when mum whizzes them around the lounge room. Seriously they spin well and slide fast, depending on your energy levels. Once their space is complete I may look at adding one more colour. I like 3 of things. Not sure why, but to me it gives it better balance.

I will also admit, I have had a whirl in the pod. I loved it!


  1. Oh, they are so cute and for me its the same i love also 3 of things...because of the same funny...;)...So sorry that you are all a little bit sick.I was sick the whole weekend, but now i feel better...but make this week a little bit slower...So wish you the best and make it you cozy...relax and enjoy your time...a big hug and cheers...i...

  2. These are used at a local preschool to help with balance too- they sit in them and try not to let them rock. They are very neat!

  3. Poppy has one is pink and they are fabulous! She loves sitting in it and spinning around (ha, ha I have also had a turn - whoever said kids have all the fun?). I actually have some little Bilibos on the cupboard which I keep forgetting about. Have you seen the smaller size Hayley? They would be perfect for tucking into your bag and taking down the beach to make sandcastles or collect shells in.

  4. love them! want one! also loving those liquid leggings, hot! xx

  5. Love the pods :) Hayley, I would also love to do a post on your little one's room (after you of course, and it you're willing). Will shoot you an email re: this.
    p.s The Baby Space toddler would LOVE one - or three - of these!

  6. We have a yellow one as well as the mini em!

  7. I've seen these and wondered if they are good. Now I know! I think Rosie is a bit young still... but I'm not! x



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