Thursday, May 27, 2010

in front of the lens :: mum moments

Yesterday it rained and it rained. It was pouring down. But off Taj and I went, gumboots and umbrella in hand. We were off to get my tea, licorice tea and it was a bit of a walk to get it. I must say there were lots of people looking at my wellies. They were not staring as they thought I looked silly, they stared as they knew how silly they were not wearing a pair!

I also wanted to share this image. Oh yes it is Taj pulling my hair. I was trying to capture a moment, a mum moment, and I captured the moment we all like to not capture. But, it is reality and this does happen. I am very happy I have this image as it does portray motherhood on the other side of all of the pretty images.


  1. hehe, oh yes I get my hair pulled a lot these days, little Max loves to grab some of my hair and shove it in his mouth along with his fingers ! i bet you looked fabulous in your wellies btw xx

  2. i am hanging for the rain and cold weather to hit the gold coast so i can wear my new wellies too! i love the first image of you holding taj under the umbrealla, i can really get a feeling for how much that little boy loves you from just looking at the pic! have a good day mumma xx



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