Thursday, June 28, 2012

chasing the dreams

Have you ever chased a rainbow? Tried to find that pot of gold.

We did. I spotted one on the way home late this afternoon, and off we went to find where it began.

Have you ever tried to catch a rainbow, and hold it in your hand?

Keely has.

Have an ace weekend. This chick is off to run a race, to have some time with a best friend, catch up with another old friend, and let my hair down a little. No little people for me, for over a week, and I am going to feel somewhat random without my side kicks. I will however use this time to put a lot of the good habits I want back in my life. And it will all start tomorrow on the early morning flight; I will pick up, and dust off a book.

Go and catch a rainbow!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

got to run....

Four sleeps until I pound that pavement, in what is going to be a very interesting race. My training has sucked a little, although in the past 3 weeks I have been getting my head back where it should be. No music in my ears, believing in myself again, and also accepting that sometimes life can throw a little at you, and test you. It is all one big test. And it is a test I am determined to pass over and over again.

If you run, you would have some understanding of what it is like for your mind, body and spirit. It does things to you that makes you feel empowered. Some of you that hate running, will be thinking that I am some crazy chick in runners, and you are right. I am a little crazy at the age of 35, with two little people, to even be having the dreams I have. But we all need dreams right? 

The past 3 weeks I have run out the door with no music in my ears. Just the sound of my feet hitting the ground, my breath, the voices in my head, (oh yes, I have a great chat to myself. Great time to tackle lives mysteries while you are in a running mediative state), and now I can hear those other morning walkers, runners and cyclist say good morning. I am not too into my own world; I am enjoying being in the one I am in. 

Friday I fly out early to chase the warmth, the sun, and to run a race. I am going to enjoy this race more than San Francisco. This one is not my midlife crisis, this is the beginning of things to come. I will put my mum right next to me, and drag her around for a run in the sun. It is what we do. We run together. It helps me a lot to feel that she is right there with me.... {crap tears}....My coach told me the Gold Coast is to be fun, and not to look at it too seriously. I hear you coach, but I also have goals to achieve for myself. I will have fun, and I will have fun beating the time you have set for me, and hopefully reaching the time I have in my head.

If you are in Queensland, come and slap me a high five, do a crazy jump in the ocean with me, and have a beer with me before lunch time..... (I might need to make my beer a shandy in honour of my mumso).

Rock on.... (I love running)!

Monday, June 25, 2012

:: fertilise yourself ::

If I were to slap someone a high five, it would be Natalie Kringoudis. Not only did she buddy up with me in one of her cleanses, she also became my awesome friend. Nat has written an e-book about all the good stuff you should be fuelling your body with whilst trying to have a baby, and during the time you are pregnant..... Plus the best thing about this book is you don't need to be trying to have a baby, or be pregnant to benefit, and if you did complete one of Nat's cleanses, you will know how awesome she is when it comes to nutrition.

Fertilise Yourself is full of recipes, which for me I like. I am a sucker for a book that talks about nutrition, and has a part dedicated to real recipes.

Nat also writes a blog, and this is full of great food ideas, posts on fertility, and a more broad range of issues full of interesting facts.

You too can purchase Kringoudis's e-book online right {HERE}

I have been lucky enough to receive two e-books to giveaway on the blog. All you need to do is leave a comment, and tell us why you would like to have the opportunity to read Nat's first book. Remember you do not need to be pregnant, or wanting to have a baby to benefit. Nat writes beautifully, and the facts that are in this book, and recipes alone will benefit anyone wanting to look at their overall nutrition. {Competition closes 4th July}.

*Nat helped me through a tough time with the resurfacing of my eating disorder, and with her new e-book, and my sports nutritionists advice, I am fuelling my body, and mind with what it needs to run, and keep a healthy outlook on food.

Friday, June 22, 2012

turning new pages on a fun friday

And so ends another working week, and rolls over an ace fun friday with my little guy. We rocked it, as usual. No lippy for me. Too much for a day with the little guy. A coffee pitstop, a bike ride, a play date for lunch at his buddies place, a hang at home together, and the ride to school pickup. Fun friday all wrapped up and complete with our friday night chicken nuggets, and homemade chips.

pick up time; is always a big smiley moment

barefoot coffee stop

crazy buggers are always a fun friday must

somebody might have just ridden out of the shop with new wheels

school pickup; going to dink keely to the car

proud of her. keely received an award today, improved reading. LOVE!

What is on for your weekend?

We will be rugging up as the cold snap has hit sydney, and it is brrrr cold. We have swimming super early tomorrow, and I mean super early; alarm setting early. We are making a movie on my film camera for little pinwheel, and we have a birthday party on sunday. For just me, I am going to curl up with a book each night. An hour earlier to bed with brand new pages to turn.

Have a great weekend! 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

how I wear 35

Change is good. Change makes us feel somewhat new inside. It is like the old saying, change is as good as a holiday. Although, not sure where my holiday is right now. It must be an inner holiday, as the sun is not shining, and if I were on holiday, the sun would be shining. The inside of me is having a cleanse out. This lady is happy. And I am wearing my 35 with colours.

today is coral

Inspired by miss pottymouthmama herself, I am popping my lips for a bit of self confidence boost. A little fo-shizzle as Lexi put it yesterday on instagram. I am not a heel wearing, makeup lady, but this woman wants to try something new. 

Yesterday I rocked myself into DJ's, to the MAC counter. I was a little nervous. Lip colour on a lady that only wears paw paw gloss on her lips, is a little nerve racking. I was not going for a natural colour, I wanted the instant pop of colour. Grow some balls and just do it.

now they are hot pink.... still think I look someone else
And that I did. Three popping colours later, a new mascara and some bronzer I was out of there with smacking hot pink lips. I turned heads at school pickup, even Keely's head. She grinned from ear to ear, and instantly wanted her lips painted pink. And that she did. We had a girl's night out. Dinner, just the two of us, pink popping lips, and big smiles.

Thank you Lexi, you have no idea what confidence you have pumped back into my body. Today I am wearing coral. You told me it would be fun to rock it during the day, and empower me, and I am rolling with the fun. Empowerment; maybe that comes when I have the confidence of wearing smacking colourful lips. Every time I look in the mirror I think it is an impostor!

smack those lips together.... I am wearing 35, and having a holiday at the same time.

Do you wear lippy?

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

the cake; their cake for me

When I say birthday, the little people, say cake. There was no getting away with a birthday without making a cake. And having it for breakfast.... after porridge of course!

the helper

decorating the mud cake with sugared lady bugs & flowers

the finished cake

now the candles

Taj's job

the cliche birthday cake photo; love a bit of cliche

a home full of flowers from girlfriends, & a sunny day!

I love them to pieces. 35 today, with a whole lot of love wrapped around me

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I am proud of keely

To say you are proud of your children is special. You get this amazing feeling inside of you. Sometimes you cry, sometimes you smile, and sometimes you do both at the same time. I did both on this day.

Keely can swim. 

At her first lesson she was afraid of the water, and five lessons in she can swim.


The proudness continued today when I walked in on Keely in my bedroom wearing toilet paper taped over her boobies. She had made herself her first bra. My little girl is very creative. That I am proud of. The bra..... well it is pretty funny, and rather cute. She is 6, going on 12. 

Love her huge.

*sex and city number 2 tonight. {after tonight time to curl up with some books in my reading chair. still have 3 new books that are collecting dust}.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

rain, hail or shine

We had it all, minus the hail. And we rocked it.

new craft items added to the box for the rainy day

meet ella the snake by keely

taj made a truck with pom pom sirens on top

taj and i made a little guy wearing shorts & boots 

did a bit of glamping, (camping), for the afternoon with movies & an overnight stay

ready for bed, although it was only about 3pm

sunday morning pancake session & SUNSHINE!

And here is our sunny sunday, in which we stayed outside the entire day. 

started with a scoot & a coffee pitstop

scoot around the lake to the park 

a walk in the sunshine after a lunch break 

a bit of uphill team work
the joys of the downhill run

it is all about that sun flare, & if you had a rainy saturday you would agree with me

hello sunshines!

happy mumma = happy little people

This weekend was relaxing amongst the rain, amongst the sunshine, and amongst the fact my imac of 7 years decided it was time to go. (New imac purchased, and I sit here waiting on my laptop as the time machine does its thing on the new girl..... I have everything crossed. I managed to get in one last backup, and a sweep of the desktop over to the external hard drive before she danced her last dance, with a neon coloured screen).

Our rainy day solutions: swimming lessons, cafe stop, shopping mall pitstop for new supplies to add to the craft box, movies, a bit of glamping, and a little baking filled up our day.

Our sunny day solutions: do not go home, stay out all day, and soak it up with a scooter, parks, cafe stop, a bush walk, and a play with the neighbours on skateboards.

Friday, June 15, 2012

how we roll in the sydney sunshine

Fun friday rocks. Seriously it is ace. The sun was out, and we soaked it all up. All of it.

it started with this; snuggled up cuddles

we then went to the beach for some handyman work with my little guys friend,  Keenan

my little guy asking for more snuggles on our walkies on the beach

walking and talking; mum with her little guy

planting the tree, so it can grow again

this is how the morning ended, two friends lined up; look no hands

snuggled up cuddles with my girl; love her big toothed smile

and before dinner she rocks a photo shoot for little pinwheel

Have a beautiful weekend. If today is the start of what is to come in the next two days, we are going to have an ace weekend. Even if the rain decides to show its weeping face.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

pucker up for the disco fever

Last week the disco light was turned on for all of Keely's school. It was a beautiful afternoon getting ready together. She picked out her favourite dress, the twirling one of course, had her hair brushed, and then she asked me for some lippy.

I let her put it on herself. This is how to put lippy on by Keely.

I think she did a beautiful job. Although, I believe that she is beautiful the way she is, without any lipstick on.

Laughter, happiness, and loving herself. Just the way I want to raise my little girl.


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