Friday, May 7, 2010

listen to my own instincts

Today I went off to the city to meet up with a couple of my online friends in the blogging world. I was a little stressed as Taj has not slept in a pram since he was a baby. I knew I could do it, I just had to be really organised.

Well, I am thinking I may have been a bit too organised! I had back up plans for everything to make this a fun and smooth trip. I have not bought one of those comfy seat inserts for Taj's pram so off I went to my local mall this morning to buy one. A nice sheepskin for him to sleep on in the pram. That was the plan. I had every snack he likes packed and ready to go. I had blankets to cover him in, to cover the pram for when he slept, and I even had his sleep bag just in case I needed the extra help. Oh yes I was organised. Or maybe I was more a bit over the top! I am so glad the girls had no idea what tricks I had in my pram. They may have thought differently of me, although I have just told all of you now!

It doesn't seem to matter when you have two children you still stress about things and how they sleep and eat and how you will do things differently the second time. Keely was a baby that loved to sleep in the pram, so it was hard for me to get her to sleep in her cot during the day. So I would pound the pavement twice a day for her to sleep in the pram. I thought the second time I would like to have a baby that slept at home. I worked on that with Taj and he loves his bed. Now I have the issue of him not wanting to sleep in the pram. It is a never ending battle we have as parents.

We do try and do the best we can for our children and we just have to go along for the ride. Sometimes it may not be the ideal way we would have liked it to be, but going with it is a lot easier. Or you can be like me and be completely over organised with tricks and back up plans and hope they will help!

Taj is still boobie feeding too so I sat in my car in the carpark and fed him his morning feed. He happily had it and off we went for our coffee. I hoped he would sleep, but he screamed as I walked out of the carpark with him all cozy in his pram. The plan did not work! I moved onto plan B, which was to pick him up and hold him. Let him be comfortable and look around. I really didn't have a plan B, I have just made that up, sounded good though! I went with my instinct and we had our coffee and he shared cake with his friends, Rocco and Oscar. I had a little talk with Jen and Kellie, as much as you can with the little ones! (They are lovely too, so glad we had our coffee). Once Taj got to the point where I knew he could loose it we left and came home. I put him in his sleep bag to come home in to make for an easy transition. It was easy as he not only fell asleep in the car, he is now fast asleep in his bed!

Why, even when I am a go with the flow mother, do I let myself get all worked up over nothing. Truly I should know that it would all be fine. That he and I would work it out together without the tricks and all the back up plans. I too am only human and I do get stressed and worried about how things will work out. We all have our moments! Now I am glad I am over mine and I can safely go to the city again, but next time no tricks, just me and the little ones.

Walk and beach play this afternoon and a little shopping. This I can do with my eyes closed!


  1. Oh, look at him all sound asleep in his sleeping bag. He is sooo gorgeous Hayley and it was lovely to catch up with you and Jen. He did so well for being out and about when it's usually nap time!

    I am surprised that Oscar lasted as long as he did in the pram. I had the sling all ready to go just in case! Thought he might have lost in when we got in the lift and he had everyone peering at him.

    Look forward to seeing you again. Have a great weekend, lovely.

  2. Gorgeous pics of your little one asleep! I'm the same though, sometimes I find it annoying how much I get stressed about whether or not my little ones will sleep when we're out and about - I'm already fretting about Yum Cha on Sunday! Gaaaa!

  3. I love this post, I get that way with my 2 year old, I have back up after back up plan when I go out and I stress myself out. I love the photos, did you use a camera or phone camera is it an app? If so which one? I love them!

  4. The best laid plans are always tested by our babies aren't they! It is something we all do. Your catch up sounds like lots of fun and well worth your effort.

  5. loving this little story! and really loving these piccies too =) xx



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