Saturday, May 22, 2010

happy weekend

This weekend is looking a little cloudy, cold and wet. Perfect time for us to jump in the puddles and enjoy a weekend all snugly and warm. Keely chose some lovely flowers this week and I will share with you next week. They are worth me using for a whole story. There is nothing like having fresh flowers to kick off the weekend.


  1. so full of impressions...have a great weekend and enjoy it, too...hugs...;)...

  2. Have a lovely weekend x Im going to celebrate getting to 33 weeks pregnant!

  3. Splashing in puddles is THE BEST! Have a happy weekend guys! xx

  4. Sounds like a great weekend! Just started reading your blog lately Hayley and am loving it! Your store is beautiful too. Being from the UK, I miss the huge choice of kidswear available on the high street and often get my mum to send things over for my 11 month old boy but think I'll be making some purchases from Little Pinwheel! V xx



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