Thursday, May 6, 2010

thank you

I sit here tonight with tears in my eyes at all of the beautiful comments I have received over this week. Honestly I am touched by every single comment, the ones that have made me cry, the comments that have made me giggle and the ones that have made me think. When you write, you really do open your soul. There is this part of you that lets all those guards down and your heart types all the words on that blank page.

Sometimes I feel naked, like with todays post, but it is a naked feeling that is comfortable. I will be honest and say todays post I wrote a week ago and I have not had the courage to post it. I even thought about keeping it just for me and it being a way of dealing with what I am dealing with right now. I also wrote this post to deal with the fact I lost my biological mum due to the abuse. I lost her due to the blame she put on my mum. It was not a post directed at her. The words were pieces of me that had to come out in order for me to deal with the rejection and to move on with my life. I am a survivor!

I thank you all for your beautiful comments and emails. I am actually lost for words with what to say now!Honestly your comments are amazing! There are some people that I just want to reach out and hug..... I may have helped you in some way, inspired you, made you laugh, or cry. I cannot tell you how much you have helped me. We are all trying to do the best we can for our children, our families and for ourselves and it is so nice that you feel comfortable enough to come here and say hi.

This week Keely's flowers are carnations, pink ones of course, to go with mother's day. Well, I am not sure if this is the case, but she instantly went for the bunch of carnations over any other flower, just luck they are the mother's day flower. Today I would like to give them to you.

Thank you!


  1. Oh, Hayley, you have become a friend for me also without to meet you in real.Its so fine to come here, to read your blog and to be with you.So thanks again for all what you give us...and more...for yourself...Its an enrichement for my own life...Thanks, dear friend...hugs...i

  2. that 09 cliche of "keep it real" seems like a tacky thing to say.. lol. But, all cheese aside, your honesty is most refreshing in a day of keeping up appearances. xx so "keep it real" (doing rappy things with my hands...)

  3. I have only started reading your blog all the way over here in Germany. I read a lot of blogs but yours is just so raw and honest. You share things with strangers that some people wouldnt even share with their closest friends. I am shocked and saddened after reading what you have been through during your life but you are a survivor and your gorgeous children a very lucky to have a mum like you. They seem to have such a fun and happy life which you are responsible for. I also have 2 kids and you have inspired me to do more fun and creative things with them. Oh how I wished I had a mum like you!
    Ps I am currently doing an assignment on the court process for child sexual assault complainants and I am so sorry you ever had to go through the horrifying process they call 'justice'.

  4. Thank you lovely Lady! You just seem to inspire me every day and I look forward to reading your blog every day and looking at the photos of you and your beautiful children. Keep up the fabulous job you are doing. You are a fabulous and inspiring Mother. One day i would love to meet you. X

  5. Oh Hayley you are a kind and wonderful spirit, thank you for baring your soul so bravely with that last post, I read it and cried and couldn't find any words.
    After reading your blog almost religiously for many months now I can only say you are the type of mother and human being I can only aspire to be. The person your mum must have been to enable you to overcome and triumph and be the truly beautiful person that you are today says so so much.
    Take care xx

  6. I think writing is good for the soul. I have used it too when I have needed to deal with things and have foud it a great help. Some things I have posted but others are written down from our hospital days and that hasn't made it to a computer yet.
    I have come back and forth reading your blog and I really enjoy it. (sometimes I forget to read any blogs at all then read mountains of posts in 1 hit!)
    From the posts and the comments I feel like I am about to share something with you that is very deep and that I should commend you for being so brave even before I have read it!
    Be kind to yourself and best wishes to you and your babies x



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