Tuesday, June 1, 2010

my extra pillow :: our co sleeping

My son is a little cheeky, well maybe very cheeky. Every Friday night, (the last 3 in a row), he has been waking up about 9pm and wanting to be with me. He wants me to cuddle him as I sit here on the computer catching up on work or the television shows I love and missed during the week. Friday nights are my wind down time and they sometimes involve a good chick flick; but lately it has been chick flicks with a little body laying on me.

I love these cuddles and these moments we have. I tell him he needs to close his eyes and go to sleep on mumma or I will put him back in his cot. His wide opened eyes soon squish together as he pretends he is asleep.

I have a confession to also make. My new bed that I made now has an addition. I have put a travel bed barrier up to stop Taj from falling out of my bed. Taj wakes about 2am every morning and wants to come into my bed. Yes, this is a habit and one that I am sure some will disagree on. But for me and for Taj it is lovely. He snuggles on my spare pillow, which I guess is really his, has a sneaky breastfeed and rolls over and goes straight back to sleep. We both rise just before 7 every morning. Keely taps on my shoulder without saying any words and she climbs into bed too for cuddles until Taj wakes up, or if he is already awake they have cuddles and jump all over their mumma.

I am really quite relaxed with Taj wanting to sleep with me each night and sometimes a lot earlier then his usual time. I am relaxed as I know he will grow out of it. Keely was the same. She too loved to have cuddles and then there came the day she did not wake. But now I love her little hand tapping on my shoulder each morning.

These are our special moments and I feel when it comes to sleep and their routines or habits, if it does not bother mumma then it isn't a problem or issue. I am enjoying motherhood and I love the go with the flow approach. It works for this little pinwheel family!

Do you have your little ones sleep in your bed? Do you have any special moments when it comes to the morning cuddles before your day starts?


  1. I love the idea of co-sleeping, but unfortunately when our boys snuggle in with us, mama & dada get no sleep at all. They wriggle and sleep like stars pushing us off the bed. I kid you not I have fallen off the bed many times. So when they come in, I return them to their bed. As any mam knows, if she hasn't had any sleep then she is no good to anyone the next day!!!
    Have a happy day.

  2. We are co sleepers here!! I wouldn't have it any other way. Thete is nothing better than snuggling next to Livvis little body!

  3. My girlies have recently had the odd night with us. It was never an issue, They used to get unsettled and want to be put back to bed after feeds.
    But recently, We've had one or another in with us for a couple of hours at the beginning or end of the night, and I quite enjoy the sleepy cuddles!!

  4. I'm a co- sleeper fan too. Before our daughter was born my partner was dead against sharing a bed. Sadie is 19 months old and for the last two months has joined us in our bed. She was sleeping in her own then had a cold and some teeth coming through so it became easier for her to be in our bed as we all slept through the night.
    We moved house a week ago and decided to keep her in our bed until we settled. Just last night my partner mentioned how much he will miss her cuddles once we set up her new bedroom and I have to admit I'm leaving it until last.
    My theory is if Sadie sleeps and Mummy sleeps we are both happy and that's enough for me to endorse co-sleeping

  5. Oh, we co-sleep all the time! At the moment it's dada and one gorgeous toddler girl in one bed and mama and one gorgeous baby girl in the other. And on weekend mornings we all hook up together for morning cuddles :) Works for us. For now. It's honestly the best way of us all getting through the night as we need to, and we all get so much out of those snuggles and cuddles.

  6. I love co-sleeping. It wasn't our plan initially but BB slept much better snuggled into me. It's so much easier for night feeds too, neither of us really has to wake up! I feel blessed to have a newborn and be able to say I get a good nights sleep.

    I'm not sure how long it will last, as long as she needs. I'm sure when she becomes more roly-poly I may not be getting so much sleep after all!

    I love that you go with the flow. So much easier that way. xx

  7. Although it was long ago since my beautiful girls were that little, I loved them coming in and snuggly up for their morning cuddles. My oldest daughter used to come in all the time if she woke during the night to have a comforting hug from Mum and Dad. My youngest still comes in especially while sick to be near mum but she has transferred from the middle of our bed to a mattress on the floor as she is the biggest squirmer.
    Loved having them come in. Occasionally if I am still in bed when they wake they come in for a cuddle before starting their day. XX

  8. Why on earth would anyone think this is a bad habit? I am pretty certain that Taj won't want to be sleeping with you when he is 18, so enjoy it while it lasts, they grow so quickly. xo

  9. Go for it Hayley, cherish every moment!

  10. I love co-sleeping! Until I become a sleep-deprived some what crazy person :(
    But I really did treasure the times I could snuggle with the wee ones. Nose to tiny nose (theirs, not mine)...You paint a lovely picture of those small domestic moments that mean so much :)

  11. My son resisted his crib from the day he was born. Our co-sleeping wasn't planned and at times it was too much for this new mama. But since he has started to flirt with his crib and sleeps in it now for the most part, it makes me grateful for the near nine months we spent snuggling up at night. Now that he is in his crib - I miss him and love when I hear him stir early in the morning so I can go get him and bring him back to bed with me.



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