Monday, May 3, 2010

craft monday :: our chalkboard

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and you are ready for a whole new week. Our weekend was lovely, the go with the flow kind. A little DIY here and there and some fun craft!

I have wanted to turn a part of kitchen into a chalkboard since we bought the place and this weekend Keely and I did this. Our laundry door is in the kitchen and is perfect for a chalkboard. Off we went to the hardware store in the morning to buy ourselves some real chalkboard paint; yes there is special black paint just for chalkboards! There must be lots of parents painting things to make into chalkboards for their little people.

Once Taj was in bed Keely and I prepared the door for painting. We painted the door outside on our balcony with our painting drop sheet down to stop the paint from going onto the deck. We were both armed with our paint brushes, Keely did the bottom of the door and I did the top where she could not reach. There were two coats to do, so while we watched the paint dry we had morning tea, cookies and milk. There is always time for a break when doing DIY!

The best thing about this craft project is it is a craft that is never packed away. The children get to use it all the time and it is an art piece that will change everyday. You can also write your shopping list up the top, which is what I plan to do! I think notice boards are great, and you can stick paper to them, but I love the chalkboard more!

Where would you put one, or could you have one in your home? You can still buy the easels that come with the chalkboard, and don't forget sidewalk chalk, as the little ones can use this outside and it comes off in the rain.

Enjoy making your chalkboards!


  1. oh awesome, looks fantastic, Ive always wanted to do this too, but have nowhere to do it !

  2. you do EVERYTHING so tastefully! Inspired for sure! yet to have a cringe moment on your blog... lol

  3. Hayley, we also have our laundry door painted as a chalkboard!! After we renovated the kitchen we coudn't stand looking at the ugly 70's sliding door anymore. Poppy loves it but it's also great for scribbling down notes and grocery lists.

  4. What a great idea will need to give it a go thanks for the how- to love the photos!

  5. I love this idea and it also looks great. You will all have so much fun creating on the chalkboard.

  6. Before we renovated our kitchen, we had an entire wall that I painted with chalkboard paint! It was fantastic. We actually ended up moving the kitchen to a different part of the house when we did get around to renovating, & sadly the chalk-wall is no more.
    The kids really did love it though!

  7. Love it! I love that you get your kids involved with stuff like this. You're such an insirational mama.

    I'm dying to have something like this in my house one day. Unfortunately at the moment owning our own place just feels so far away... unless we move to timbuktoo. But I don't think they have a beach there...

    Hope you had a happy weekend! x

  8. Fun times! I wish we could do something like that, all our doors are textured as are our walls. No fun. Haley have you ever considered offering a photography course? I would LOVE to learn from you.

  9. looks fantastic. i love chalkboard surfaces. the stripey dress i ordered arrived last week & my little girl loves it.. thankyou :)

  10. your children are gorgeous!



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