Wednesday, December 3, 2014

the positive body bits and pieces at almost 40

I am struggling to do a lot of things lately, and one of them is blogging. Although this is not my major struggle; I struggle to get dressed in the mornings. I play superman about 4 times on average until I am either happy with what I walk out of the house in, or I have completely ran out of time, and have to roll with it, until I come home to get changed at lunch time! I know nuts, right.

Taj dressed me in this outfit... black ripped jeans and a black singlet (he knows black is good)

But it isn't nuts, because as soon as I opened my mouth and spoke to people around me, one my doctor, it was clear to me that this is the norm around my age. I am getting close to 40, the figure has changed a little. (I know I am slim, and athletic, although I still get the bits and pieces). No one around me was talking about this issue, even though a lot of my friends are a little ahead of me in the age game. 

At first, I had posted on instagram, which went to my Facebook page, and I was personally having a 'what the?' reaction. The comments were awesome. My doctor also explained it to me, and my best friend that was recently 40 discussed it with me too. She talked about acceptance and how much she loves her body. She goes to the gym 3 times a week, eats pretty well, but not scared to have a blow out with the food we all love. 'Why be scared, I go to the gym 3 times a week!' I love it, because she taught me a lot right there and then over a good cup of coffee, and freshly baked homemade {treat} muffins.

I walked away thinking, acceptance without the guilt

The very next day, Taj dressed me. I asked him to choose my outfit for the day. The day after Keely chose my outfit. From then on, I have chosen and not changed once. It has been 6 days. I feel I am out of that stupid head rut I was in, and to make sure tomorrow I take on a new challenge.

keely's outfit... she loves me in skirts!

It is the clear the cupboard out, and start fresh challenge. All clothes I don't really wear, the ones I have had issues with in the past few weeks, will be boxed up and shipped off to one of my best friends. She will have her rummage, make sure I am not being too crazy, and then the remaining clothes will go to a charity.

Big job, however I think it will be worth it. Women need to accept their bodies at all stages in their lives. I wish I loved my body in my 20s, instead of being so hung up about it. I have decided I will love my body at 37 and beyond. We all learn at some stage, and I will pass all this awesome knowledge onto my daughter. She can live a positive body image life early on.

Bring on operation fashion parade!

{recovery is going well, I have a wind trainer and riding my bike with minimal impact on my leg. I feel great}!


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