Monday, January 30, 2012

a simple weekend

We had a beautiful weekend full of laughter, some tears, a few tantrums, and a whole lot of love and memories.

I love the simple things. I love how a scooter ride, a run in the park, a play on the beach, and even curling up on the couch for some movie time can fill up a weekend with little ones. I love how the simple joy of exploring, and making new friends, and just being with each other as a family is enough for them; It is enough to show them how much you love them, and how much you care.

My little girl started year one today. That is huge! We celebrated with a great afternoon splashing in our local beach pool.

A simple thing.

Friday, January 27, 2012

belly laughs

It is a laugh that does not come out all the time, but when it does, you cannot help but join in too.

There is something contagious about that little person full of laughter straight from their little bellies. Whoever thought so much noise could come out of that little mouth.

Do you remember the typewriter? Pin those little arms down and start typing on that little chest. You are sure to get the belly laughs, and you might be lucky enough to get that little voice giggling for more!

We hope you have a weekend full of laughter, giggles, and smiles. x

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

today we....

jumped in puddles, raced on our skateboards around the warehouse, and played hide n seek, we drove over the bridge, saw friends, had a lunch date, shopped together, and ate ice cream.

Today Keely and I had our last day together, just the two of us, before school goes back. For me this has been the best time. It has been a juggling act at times, although I would not have had it any other way. I think it is nice Keely sees what I do for a full day with Little and Lady Pinwheel. She has been helpful, and at times in the way. I am going to miss my little sidekick; the mini pinwheel worker. {If you bought from the little or the lady in the last 6 weeks, it is highly likely this mini pinwheel girl helped pack your order with a whole lot of love}.

We bonded.

I love being her mum, and most of all I have loved being her friend these 6 weeks.

Year one here she comes!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

meet karen!

Karen crashed my weekend in style. A beautiful friend that pulled off the biggest surprise.

We dated the whole weekend.

Tea for her, and coffee for me.

Lots of walking, talking and giggling like two little school girls.

We ferried it over to the city.

Caught up with old friends.

We talked more. We talked a lot.... because that is what girls do!

Now we skype again..... BUT.... in less than 2 weeks Karen comes back to crash it with me in rocker style. We are going to a rock concert. Full mosh pit. The rock on fingers will be out.

Reliving your youth with a bestfriend is something I can cross off my bucket list. I never thought that meant I would pull out the tight black jeans for a crowd surf!

Do you have a bucket list?*

*I am going to write a list, and stop storing mine in my head.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

my (beautiful) surprise

Have you ever been surprised? You know when someone jumps out and makes your heart sink into your chest. I had that on thursday. Although my heart went into the pit of my stomach and bounced straight back up again with sheer delight..... here is the story of the most beautiful moment anyone has ever given me.

This week was my "full on" training week. My coach had booked me in a couple of months ago to have two days where I would not have any children. I had already finished three days in a row of hard training with hills, and intervals, and some solid running. I was set to meet my coach on thursday for a session that would supposedly make me cry. Thinking I was not able to parent I was prepped up with a whole lot of food for myself, and also for my little people for dinner. (I was that super organised mum that I rarely am, and I felt like slapping myself a big high five).

I met coach Meg out the front, and we ran like we always have together, chatting away, and getting that running head on. We were 1.7kms into our run when Meg stopped for some water, told me to have a stretch, as we were going to be doing some 1k sprints.

We stretched.

I was told to turn around, and smile for the camera.

There she was, my best friend, and she was not in the computer. She was here. Karen was standing right in front of me. All the way from the UK, like she had just jumped out of the computer.

I turned away. Sobbed like a baby. The most beautiful moment anyone has ever given to me. A plan that was booked in two months ago with my coach. A moment I will never forget.

My heart is still jumping around inside my chest. I keep looking at Karen, and keep saying, "hi!" Like the whole thing is a dream.


Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I still remember the girl in my street that I grew up with, Sarah. We were best friends. Playing in the street until we were called in for dinner by our mothers and playing early in the morning before school, and every moment we had free on the weekends. We roller-skated, rode our bikes, walked, and played with her guinea pigs. We played marbles in the dirt, swam in my pool, and ate blood plums off the tree out the back of my house. We bounced on my trampoline until dark, and we scrapped the rind off the lemons on the brick wall, and ate them like they were oranges.

Keely has her best friend, Nya.

They share chocolate waffles.

Hold hands.

Eat mallows together.

Swap clothes. (this one is awesome, as I found them in the change room changing outfits)!

They jump on Nya's trampoline together, they disappear into each others bedrooms for hours playing barbie dolls, and they play dress ups.

A beautiful 6th birthday spent with her best friend, and a day full of YES!

Best friends forever.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

happy number six birthday

I am always here to catch you. I am always here to hold your hand. Rock it little girl....

Have a beautiful number six Keely....I cannot wait to spend the whole day with you tomorrow..... it is your YES day!

Happy birthday x

Thursday, January 12, 2012

99 bottles of keely on the wall

Am I the only parent that wants to bottle up my little people so they stay little? There are moments that I would love to bottle up and keep forever. They can be as simple as a look they give you, or a more complex conversation you share with them, or even something you witness from afar.

The summer school holidays are the holidays as a little person I remember the most. They are the times I would spend down the south coast with my mum, or at home together. {Simple memories remembered from the things I am sharing with my own daughter}.

The smell of a barbeque, going to the movies, swimming at the beach, riding her bike, playing on our new skateboards together, and creating a home movie session; these all bring back memories of my holidays with my mum.

Moments I am sure my mum bottled up, I now bottle up, and without even realising it, I have opened my mum's bottles myself, and shared them with my daughter.

To walk holding my girl's hand, to have her share more of my business with me, and for her to share more of herself with me has been a bottling moment. One day I hope Keely opens my bottles with her children.

Are you opening bottles, and putting bottles on your shelf. Are you loving the holidays?

{There is a part of me that is finding the holidays hard with my own business. I cannot work the same way, but I am taking the positive, which completely out weighs the negative, and creating memories for my daughter and myself..... Keely rocks}!

Monday, January 9, 2012

our moon

We look at the same moon. Every night we look at the same moon. That is the piece of information I give both my little people when they are on holidays without me.

taj: we are the same moon mum
me: yes taj we look at the same moon
taj: what about the other moon. where is that moon looking
me: sweetheart, there is only one moon
taj: oh mumma, that is beautiful we have our own moon

{I love our little bedtime conversations}

Nice to have them home. I missed their little giggles, those little arms wrapped around me as far as they can stretch, and their little sloppy kisses.

I love my little people to the moon and back.


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