Thursday, May 20, 2010

create memories :: splash in the puddles

There is no winter blues in our house this week. With the rain coming this week on went the gumboots and bring on the puddle splashing.

I spend a lot of time at the beach as you would know by my images and me telling you all about our days. They are pretty much spent at the beach, our big backyard. We spent the whole summer digging in the sand, building sandcastles, toddling around, and swimming in the ocean. I must say we had the best summer I can remember living here. I was asked a lot by regular beach goers what I would do in winter with the rain and the cold. This is the moment I told you I went out and bought myself a pair of gumboots. No rain, or cold weather will stop us from playing in the backyard.

Don't you remember as children running in the rain, splashing in the puddles? My favourite was putting a leaf in the running water and watching it disappear down the drain. It was so much fun having our leaves race each other. We did so much and used our imaginations. We played with matchbox cars in the mud, and marbles; oh how I loved to play marbles with all the kids in our street. Not once did our parents tell us to get out of the mud and stop playing in the rain. It is what we did. After we were dirty, wet and cold we were placed in a hot bath and ready for our dinner. This was my childhood and I loved it!

I want to give my children these memories. There are countries that have mountains of snow and they still pop on their warm clothes and go out. Why should we hibernate in such a beautiful country? This little pinwheel family is going to splash, play in the mud, (don't worry I am not loving the mud part), and enjoy this winter as much as we did our summer. There are memories to be created this winter!

Do you have any fun childhood memories in the winter?


  1. Yeah! Wellies are awesome! I wore mine too the other day and went out for lunch at a cafe! On the way home I was all - check me out, I'm just going to jump in these puddles. I LAUGH IN THE FACE OF PUDDLES... HA!

    (Sorry, getting a bit excited there...) xx

  2. I do have memories of playing out in the yard, rain or sun, in fact I have a vivid emmory of eating worms found while playing in the muddy section of our yard, yummy. I would have been 3 or 4, but it is a clear memory. My boys don't feel the cold so they run around outside in bare feet and shorts, so I have had to get used to muddy bodies during the day. It just means I clean up more often. But you're only a kid for a short time, so I TRY and relax about the mud in the house.
    Hope your day has been wonderful Hayley.

  3. I remember throwing muddy, long "spaghetti" style weeds (plucked fresh from the nearby creek) at my little brother, which turned into all out mud fights! (Our poor mother! All that washing!) But you're right. That's the stuff of childhood memories!

  4. there is nothing better as to go out and have fun with your little matter how the weather a child i was always outside from spring to winter and it was so good to grow up in the middle of our beautiful much to discover...;) the pictures...just so alive...make me smile...hugs...i...

  5. I remember in winter it was so cold at our houes that the puddles would have a layer or two of ice across them and it was our mission to smash ever single ice filled puddle, Hours of fun doing something so simple. You just reminded me to stress less and let the kids go outside and have some fun the way we use too. Thanks!



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