Friday, May 28, 2010

our sunday in photos

My weekends are usually pretty full and I am always doing something, even if it is as simple as our regular routines. On sundays I have Taj on my own as Keely is spending time with her dad. It is nice for Taj and I to have this one day that is really just about us. There is no real "jobs" to be done, so it is Taj and mumma time.

We had such a great sunday last weekend and I took some photos on the iphone as we went for a walk around the beach and over to the pool.

I popped Taj in the ergo baby and he had his piggy back ride all around the beach front. I had my gumboots on and umbrella. There were not that many people around. For some reason there never really is when it rains.

I think it is time we all put gumboots on and enjoyed winter instead of hiding away. There is still fun to be had; and it was beautiful!

1 comment:

  1. They are really beautiful photos. What a nice way to spend a day with your little one.



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