Sunday, May 23, 2010

sunny mummy :: finding your balance

Do you ever feel as a mother that there is more to you then just mum? I know for me I am feeling very just mum and I am really trying to work out my balance. There have been huge changes for me and without family support this is more of a challenge then what I ever thought it would be. I am lucky to have my supportive x husband, and fabulous father to our children. We are working out the balances so I can too have some me time. Of course this is also hard too as this is all very new to the both of us.

To make life easier for mums, for us to really shine there is a lovely lady that has started a business, or more a community of mothers that she likes to call sunny mummies. So what is a Sunny Mummy? If you were to ask me that question, I would instantly say a sunny mummy is someone that smiles from the inside. That to me is a sunny mummy. I know personally with everyday challenges of being a mum and finding this balance that allows you to be you too, there are moments we need help finding just the right spot that opens us up to shine.

The founder of Sunny Mummy, Stacey Sullaphen, has organised a scrumptious breakfast this weekend. You will not only get to meet other sunny mummies, but you will also get to listen to some inspirational guest speakers. I was invited to attend and I sadly cannot go. {This is a whole other story for me as I feel very on the outside being a mum with no back up help}. So I have been given two tickets to give away, and if you do not win, but would still love to attend you can buy your tickets for a special price of $79, or you can buy 3 and get 1 free! Just make sure you tell Stacey that Little Pinwheel invited you.

If you live in sydney or you can get here for a girls weekend, I highly recommend coming along to find your balance as a person so you can shine from the inside out. Why not organise a table!

So what do you have to do to win.... leave a comment here, pop on over to the Sunny Mummy facebook page, like the page and say that you love little pinwheel on the wall! The prize will be drawn on Thursday to allow for the winners to organise their saturday.


  1. Sounds lovely!! Enjoy the breakfast & fun!!
    Being 'just a mum' is really relevant to what situation you're in - my children are all in school so i don't look like a mother during the day, 'just a business woman'. After a decade of motherhood & it's my most comfortable hat. Forget Uni or my career, being a mum is my favourite thing, slightly behind wife . . . i'm pretty clued in that as ace a mother i am, the children will grow up, leave home & start their own lives, my husband will will always be there. Have a sunny week, love Posie

  2. Having just returned to part-time work after the birth of my son I would love to have a SUNNY MUMMY SATURDAY IN SYDNEY with a Sunny Mummy friend. It sounds delightful! I am very intruiged and curious to see what it entails. Fingers crossed I am lucky and thanks for letting me know about Sunny Mummy. Yee-Ha!



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