Tuesday, May 25, 2010

in front of the lens :: mum moments

Yesterday I did a photo shoot with the kids again for a whole new look for the little pinwheel website. I had a brain wave and wanted to act on it. Simon helped out and we used his studio. Between us we captured some great moments. I was able to get behind the lens quite a bit as I have hurt one of my ribs. Well more then hurt. It is highly possible I have fractured one of them from coughing. Yes coughing! Hard to believe, but over a week of a dry cough and my chest cannot handle it anymore.

Amazing how we just keep going though. It has been toe curling to say the least, but I did manage to have my mum moment for the day with both the little ones. There are a few other moments, but I love this one. It is becoming a signature little pinwheel image with a bike in the photo.


  1. i love that you take time out for a mum moment.
    sometimes things get in the way & we just don't make time for it.
    lovely pic Hayley

  2. What a beautiful photo. As Mum's we often forget to actually get in the photos too, we are always the ones taking them. Just lovely!

  3. Gorgeous photo. It is amazing how we just keep going isn't it? I have had the sorest back for two weeks now (due an osteo appt this week!) and yet I still manage to carry the wee one around all day long!

    I love that bike, I saw it in a shop the other day. Rosie's going to have that bike one day!

  4. You are quite simply the most photogenic family ever! Can't wait to see the new look!!

  5. I love how you are embracing this weeks challenge. And I love even more "seeing" you!

    Oh and can I just say I want the adult version of those hot pink pumas!



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