Friday, May 14, 2010

our time

Last weekend I was booked in to have some me time on saturday. It was last minute, and I had an hour. I quickly rang my hairdresser who luckily could fit me in. I was just about to head out the door when Keely said she wanted to be with me and come to the hairdresser with me. I will be honest and say I was a little upset. All I could think about, in those few seconds, was how non relaxing my head massage would be with a 4 year old joining me.

I of course said yes! How could I leave my little girl when all she wanted was her mum. Off we rushed to the hairdresser. We stopped on the way to get takeaway coffee as we had an extra 5 minutes.

This time with Keely was beautiful, one of those moments we as women hope for when we have a little girl. She sat on my lap quietly as I had my head massage and then she whispered to me, "mumma, can I have my hair washed?" I asked the hairdresser, and while I sat in my chair getting my haircut Keely sat on the extra padded cushion having her head massaged!

We both had our hair blow dried and straightened. Keely asked if she could come whenever I go. This is now our time.


  1. i love this so much! what a beautiful realization. i only have one - aboy - but hope one day to share moments like these with a little girl. xoxo

  2. gorgeous! cannot wait until a, summer has enough hair to go to the hairdresser, and b, we get to have those special grown up mum and daughter moments. i love what keely is wearing too, is that from your shop? xx

  3. That is so sweet. Keely is too cute for words, I can see how you couldn't resist her.

  4. so sweet! i think it will be a while before my little girl is so well behaved :)

  5. Oh Hayley! Words cannot express how precious that moment was for you! Thank you for sharing that with us! I wish I was there to have captured the moment from start to finish x

  6. beautiful girl time!
    well done on creating such precious moments together.
    hope your weekend is a fabulous one Hayley

  7. You both look divine! What a gorgeous moment.

    (My haircut memories from childhood involve sitting in the bathroom whilst my mother hacked away. It always resulted in a wonky fringe. Always.)



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