Monday, May 24, 2010

craft monday :: the simple crafts

With more then a week of us all been sick craft has been very low key for us. There has been no fabulous projects being done in this house. Just lots of cuddles and the simple crafts, which I must say are still great. I know for me the simple art of drawing as a child is still in my memory, and how I loved to colour in. I was a little obsessed at stages in my life. I am not sure of my age but I remember using a ruler as I coloured in to keep the picture looking neat. I too took my time so I did not colour outside of the lines. Keely is yet to be at this stage. Well she does like it to be inside of the lines, however she is not as obsessed as her mum.

I love it when Keely plays with her brother. Even simple colouring in together. I had to buy Taj his first book as Keely would not let him use her books. He looks up to her so much and wants to do what she is doing.

When Taj has his day time sleeps, he is up to having just the one now, Keely and I always take a moment to pull out something from the craft cupboard, if it be drawing things, paints, or things to cut out and stick on paper. This week out came our box of playdoh. We go through stages of what we like and playdoh has not come out for a few weeks now.

Keely created two potato men; well one girl and one boy! We had to improvise on the arms as we only have one of each left. I cut a straw in half so she could have arms for her boy.

You do not have to be "crafty" to create these memories for your children. Having the simple essentials when it comes to craft in the house is all you need. Being a little more creative you can always make your own playdoh to play with, or you can draw a picture for your children to colour in. I personally love this as Keely tells me what to draw and she is always so happy to be colouring in something I drew for her. It may not be that great to me, but I don't need to be an artist to her!

Enjoy the simple crafts!


  1. I just found your blog and am loving it. Fantastic, thanks for sharing the ups and downs of your beautiful family with us all.

  2. You are such a good mama!

    I can't wait to do this too... Cotton wool sheep – here I come!!

    PS. I was meticulous at colouring in. I ALWAYS won the supermarket and primary school competitions. I was shading way ahead of my years. And I remember using a ruler too!

    PPS. Clearly I'm very proud of this!

  3. Hi Karen! welcome.... and thank you for you lovely comments x

    mama bear..... I am so glad I am not the only one! I went through so many different stages. How I loved to enter all the competitions. Now I know who came first! xx



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