Thursday, July 30, 2015

making a difference

I have been wanting to come here for a while and share some things. It is tough to blog about personal things in my life. Before it used to be really easy and now it seems to be hard. The words are all jumbled and there are way too many of them. Maybe to tell just the outcome is enough. The emotions I will have to sit on for a bit longer.

I recently received a letter from the Minister for Education. This letter has my name on it, the Premier of NSW and the lady who writes the Syllabus for Primary Schools in NSW. Along with these names, is $4 million dollars for our children to be used under Child Protection in the curriculum.

I shared my story here years ago now, I have not stopped talking. Sometimes it is really hard, and I need to go and be in my safe place. I may go into a shell to build strength back up, but I never stop wanting and needing the same outcomes. 

Be Brave is something Minti came up with, over a dinner and drinks with me in Melbourne. We were chatting about my story and what I wanted to achieve and do. {By the way these dreams have not gone. I would love more than anything to take my story across the world with my running legs}. I never realised this campaign would become so big for me. I never realised it would push me so much to go to the top of the Government to achieve what I believed was achievable. To me, it is easy. All of it is common sense. We need the education to protect our children. 

They need it, and we all need it.

I have recently entered a competition to win an award in 'Making a Difference,' with the AusMumpreneur network. I chose this category for all the things I have been able to achieve with sharing my story through my business. By having the tee shirts designed, and by sharing how I continue to be brave, I have helped to achieve $4 million dollars to help keep our children safe. 

You can vote here, and it is only one vote per person. I can be found under "Making a Difference' category, Hayley Blease - Little Pinwheel. Last Friday I was in the top 5, which would see me go through to the next round. I would appreciate your support in achieving the award that will allow me to use the tools I win to help my business, and in turn my strength to continue my journey in helping our children.

I know it should have been easy to share this post, that I should have been shouting from the tree tops that I have achieved this. However sometimes achieving beyond what he made me feel, can seem impossible, and surreal. Each day I get stronger than the day before, and knowing that I am not alone in this journey is more than enough to keep me moving forward. Thank you for your support.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

in your face school holidays!

Day two, and $6.89 later for a tub of 1.8L ice cream. Along with two hours of walking, a picnic, whale watching, coffee break, order packing, movie time at home, tacos on a Wednesday, and a bowl of our never-ending ice cream.

We spotted four whales.

We nailed today. And had fun! 

Tomorrow we have no solid plans. Although this does not scare me one little bit. I am a sucker for routine, and as long as we have the basic routines, the rest will be fun, and chaos rolled into one. 


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