Monday, May 24, 2010

in front of the lens :: mum moments

This week I have been reminded of something really important. Something I really thought would be something I would be doing after loosing my mum. But to my surprise I am not doing this something as much as I should.

This something is capturing moments with your children. There is always one parent that is behind the lens, if it is you then get from behind the lens and jump in front of it. Create those memories with your children, images they can look back on and remember. You can turn the camera around and hold it in one hand, stand in front of a mirror or get someone else to take the photo or turn the timer on. Use your imagination!

a sunday stroll

I sadly do not have that many with my mum and I know I would love to have them right now. So this week I have taken up a challenge, and for me it will be more part of my life. I am going to make sure I am in front of the lens more. This week I will take an image with myself and at least one of the little ones, if not both. I will post this image each day. So today I will start to capture moments.....mum moments.


  1. This is a beautiful idea. I can't stand photos of myself, but starting to wonder if my boys will wonder where I was all their life when they look back at at the photographic catalogue of their history. I'm going to have to work on this x

  2. A great idea Hayley. Although I'm with Lis – not so keen on photos of myself!

    I've also started to print photos out in monthly batches. I have a fear that everything will just live on my computer, and one day that computer might die, and the back up disk will die and they'll be gone for ever!

    Also, I doubt that in 60 years or whatever if I have grandkids they'll be plugging in the old Apple Mac to see grandmas photos!

    Much better to have good old albums, I think.

    Wow, sorry for the long comment! It seems to be a habit!

  3. Hayley I am excited to "see" you all week. I love Taj's face in this shot, too stinkin cute!



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