Monday, May 10, 2010

craft monday :: mother's day gift

What a beautiful weekend I have had with my little people. Of course having mother's day yesterday was very lovely and was a great way to complete my weekend. I will share all of it tomorrow, but today I need to show off what Keely showed me how to do yesterday for craft monday.

The inspiration behind our craft for the week was from Keely's mother's day present she made me at school. I was just going to photograph what ever she had made me, but when I opened up my present, in bed at 6:30 yesterday morning I knew I had to have lessons on how she did it. I kind of got a sleep in too, nice one little ones!

Keely's gift to me was a bag with love heart prints on the front. These are not any love hearts, they are love hearts made with her hands. {To be honest with you, I could see how she made the prints, but I knew it would be a lovely way for her and I to spend some of the time together while Taj was having his sleep}. We did a lot more things, but I have to share these tomorrow, otherwise craft monday will turn into a marathon post, and I can keep the marathon for a day where you don't have some kind of first day of the week blues!

Out came the paints, the paper and a couple of big brushes. Out came the teacher, Miss Keely, who taught me how to make hand print love hearts. It was adorable to have her teach me. I love the whole tone in her voice and the way that she would tell me how I had to do it. She painted her hand and told me to put the camera down as I had to paint my hand too and do the steps with her, otherwise I would not see how to do it properly. I just love when a 4 year old puts on her bossy pants!

I had so much fun making several hand printed love hearts. I have put them aside as we will now use them for when we have presents to wrap for friend's birthdays. I think they are worth keeping and something her friends will love. We may even turn some of them into cards and she can give them just because she wants to. You know those just because cards; just because I care about you and I want to write you a card.

This is a great project to do with your little ones, and if they have not done it before and they are into shapes then they will love the fact they can make hearts with their hands with a little paint and a piece of paper; or even a bag!


ps... I hope all you mummies had a lovely day and you had some special times with your little ones too.


  1. Gorgeous, I want one!

  2. Super cute Hayley! What a great craft idea.
    Happy mum's day for yesterday :)
    I received a painting pressie from my little one too - some lovely rainbow swirls on canvas. Love those kindy teachers!

  3. That is so cool. As if I'm not going to try and make one. (It would look cute on a t-shirt too!)

    Hope you had a lovely Mothers Day gorgeous mama!


    PS. I love your little people modeling the tote, very sweet.



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