Monday, May 17, 2010

three bears in the bed & the little one said...

"I am sick mumma. I have a sore belly and I am really hot." Poor little Keely is sick. She has been sick for weeks now and not able to get rid of her cough, sniffles, sore belly and now she tells me sore throat when she swallows.

So what does one do with a little one sick in the house. We bake! Out comes the butter, sugar, flour, eggs and we bake. One rolling pin, cookie cutters and an apron. We are set to make some shortbread cookies.

Now we will both eat them, not all of them, but probably enough to make us really sick! Good one mumma, good parenting!

shh! along comes the leaf blower and wakes up Taj. Nice start to a monday. Lucky we have shortbread biscuits.

ps.... I just went to the video store and hired a movie for Keely and we picked up some panadol for her sore throat. The man at the video store said that I am such a happy mum. Every time I go in there I am always smiling. I told him how we were all sick and I really was not feeling so happy! He said for me to keep wearing that smile as it was infectious and very nice to see. What a beautiful boost of energy he has given me to get through our afternoon. Mum also has iced coffee; now that is a boost!


  1. Yum! Send some our way please!! Those leaf blowers should be banned - we have the same problem. Hope Taj managed to get some rest!

  2. You ARE a happy mum! You're an inspiration.

    I hate leaf blowers, and whipper snippers. This neighbourhood is full of them. They start on a Friday morning at 7am. So rude!


  3. The cookis look lovely! I hope you're felling better!

  4. such a cut mummi share moment !!

  5. Yum! What a great way to cheer everyone up. WHat's your shortbread recipe?

  6. Hi Puddleduck!

    The recipe is a simple shortbread by donna hay. You are meant to put it in the blender, but I find doing it by hand the best. Plus more fun for the little ones. Keely and I made it once before and I blogged about it a long time ago.... here is the link to the recipe (hope it works)! Enjoy they taste fabulous, but must tell you that you will consume too many of them! x

  7. Thanks!!! Will give them a go tomorrow :)



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