Tuesday, May 4, 2010

time for a read :: maeve magazine

Have you ever had the time to curl up and read a good magazine? Well I know in the last 4 years this is pretty much non existent for me! Although I do try very hard to make the time to have a read of a magazine over a good herbal tea. I do like to have some chocolate on hand too.

I have found the best magazine that will help you make this time for you. If you are a mum, or you are a woman who is from the age of 30-40 then this magazine is for you. Although I am thinking some women younger or older then this age range would also enjoy the read. If you love real life stories, inspirational women and an excuse to have some me time then here you go!

Now you do not need to read this magazine with tea and chocolate, you can choose your comfort food and drink. These are mine! A nice glass of wine is good too! I was very lucky enough to contribute to Maeve Magazine and I wrote my piece on The Search for my biological parents. I have already received some great feedback and I thoroughly enjoyed writing it. I have been told it fills in some blanks that I left out with my blog post. So if you want to fill in the holes, then pop on over and have a read. But even if you don't have the time to read, I suggest you have a scroll, because the images, and the feeling of a glossy magazine is all it takes to get you in. The other women who contributed to the magazine are inspirational and I feel privileged to be along side them. Look out for the "how to make a mood board!"

The lovely ladies behind Maeve Magazine are amazing. They to me are a huge inspiration. Kate takes the most divine images, she is very creative and has the most gorgeous little people, (seriously divine). Lou is fabulous with words, an inspirational business woman and mumma, and she is a beautiful special friend to me.

oh yes this is Kate's daughter! I told you she is divine and so is Kate's photography

I have been asked to contribute next issue. I cannot wait to have a brain wave of inspiration for my next addition!

I hope you enjoy Maeve as much as I have. At least I know every 3 months I will be taking that time out to read a magazine! Let me know what you think. Let them know what you think. I am sure the girls would love for you to say hi!

Time for you to curl up on your chairs and enjoy your new magazine!


  1. this sounds super exciting...will go on their site now...and thanks so much, dear for your lovley words and have a delicious dinner with "jamie oliver"...hugs and cheers...i

  2. I read this mag the other day. I read your beautiful story, too. I meant to get in touch with you about it but I forgot. (I think... I'm not sure, I may have already commented).

    Thanks for sharing such a personal thing. You really are an inspirational lady. x

  3. Oh yippee, your story was AMAZING, so deep, moving & what i'd expect if i went looking too. I had a little interview in Allison's Women's Business section. All round, ace magazine, love Posie

  4. Hi Hayley,
    Just discovered your site AND your blog - both gorgeous. Will be looking into your store for some boy threads and looking out for Maeve for your story :)

  5. Love this Magazine! You all did such a great job!! I loved reading your piece in Maeve Hayley!! xo



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