Friday, October 29, 2010

rug it

To persian, or not to persian? That is the question I put to you.

What do you think of a persian rug in my space? I really need a rug for the lounge room. The carpet is a little bit worn and it would be nice to save it from more wear. I have a modern space. Quite white, and want to add a wow factor. Persian rugs were always in my home growing up. My mum had a thing for them. I never really thought of them much, but now I need a rug and the persian is on my mind.

I went looking last week. That is the same day I gave my car the pedicure. I was just leaving. I am not sure if this is a sign, or more a sign of my tiredness on that day. There will be eventually a new couch. It will be charcoal, but that will come after the rug. I am thinking red in the persian.

So do I persian?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

words by keely

Words are powerful. The spoken word and for me the written word. I love how you can put words to paper and it becomes so much more then just a bunch of letters. There truly is something about handwriting someone a letter, or even a simple card. Computers are taking over, and I have no doubt that my daughter will be very computer savvy, if not more savvy than me.

Keely has a lot of drawings and pictures she has coloured-in and shoved in her school bag each week. Most of which I place in the bin. I know that must sound awful, but if I kept them all I would be able to build a home just on paper. I of course keep the pictures that show a change in her development or pictures that are just incredibly beautiful.

Yesterday I popped my hand in her bag and threw out all of her pictures but one. I found a piece of paper with her writing on it. She had written words. It was an emotional find. She is great at copying me if I write a person's name down she can copy the letters and write their names in cards. But this was different. She had written words. Ice cream, lamp, lamb, flowers, raspberry, without the b, and a few words I do not know; her words!

I love seeing their abilities change. For me to see she is ready to move over to "big" school. Can you believe that is next year?

Love what she did to Little Pinwheel.

I caved in. Yep I have buckled. While my car is in having a pedicure, I am cheating on it and hiring a car.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

come on summer

Am I the only one that is not loving the up and down weather we are having in australia right now. One day I have to wear long pants and cardis, and the next I am back in shorts and tees. The saltwater sandals go on, and off and I am swapping with my connies each consecutive day.

I am not wanting to complain, as I am sure I will complain when it gets way too hot; well maybe not. But come on aussie come on, come on. Let's bring on summer! (oh and that little chant of bring on aussie does not mean I like the cricket, because truth be told I do not like it. Cricket is the summer sport, so I thought it was the best song to sing out loud).

Time to be brave today. Sun is out. Clear blue sky out the window. Time to slip on those swimmers and have a paddle.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

the car with the yellow toe nails

My car is in getting repaired. I had an argument with a pole, and the pole won. I honestly was concentrating, but too much on my mind made the pole jump out and add some yellow to the front of my car. Nice to know my car was matching my toe nails.

Yesterday was the first day without the car, and I must admit it was a little stressful. Those moments where the little ones loose it and you would usually opt for the car was not an option. It rained. I got wet. I had the umbrella, but no free hand. I have no doubt I will be hiring a car before the week is out. The comfortable freedom of my car has become my luxury and I want it back.

This is Keely sleeping with Jay at her daddies house over the weekend. Cannot show an image of the car due to legal action from the pole. More like an embarrassed woman too proud to show you what she did to her car. I am going to go and have some fun with my little people down the beach and drink way too many soy lattes!

Monday, October 25, 2010

craft monday :: hat for jay

Jay has been rocking around with the little pinwheel family all weekend. On saturday he came with us to pick up our croissants and coffee from barefoot, ventured to the beach for our play with our beautiful friends and then came home for a well earned rest.

While we had some rest time, Keely and I popped Jay on the kitchen floor and we did some craft. We decided that Jay needed a hat while out and about in the sun. I helped Keely cut out a piece of painted cardboard, and cut two holes for Jay's ears to pop out of. There was consideration of a cone style naughty dunce hat, but that of course would not cover his face from the sun.

Keely stuck pretty beads all over his new sun hat and he was ready for more play over the weekend with us.

Taj is a bit smitten with Jay and has been helping his big sister take good care of him.

Friday, October 22, 2010

meet you at my NECK OF THE WOODS

My other shop has had a name change; Pulp Life is now Neck Of The Woods. Nicky has made the shop hers with new signage. Her awesome style is still throughout her shop, and with christmas approaching the new lifestyle products will be busting out of her cute shop. I honestly could buy every piece in her Neck Of The Woods, even the crazy and cute creatures that have made their way into her shop since the name change. We did manage to walk out with something that Taj chose, a new dustpan and brush. He is cute, yellow and has a smily face.

I would love to have Nicky come over and style my home with everything in her shop. When you are in Manly, or in my neck of the woods pop on in to my shop and say hi to Nicky.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

welcome jay

We have a little boarder staying at our house for a week. Meet Jay. Keely is looking after Jay for a week. Jay is the pre school's kangaroo who travels with the little people at alternate weeks during the year.

I cannot wait to have Jay come along with us for all our weekly routines. I am sure he will have a great time. Right now Jay is watching Keely eat her porriage.

His jumpers says "I heart K." (aka: I heart Keely)!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Taj is waking during the night. Screaming. Happy once he has me to cuddle. He even sleeps on my lap while I work before I come to bed. He has a new buddy, Bla Bla, who he snuggles when he falls asleep. Bla Bla was his first softie I bought him as a baby.

Separation anxiety, or just a snugly boy. Either way I am savoring the cuddles.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

girl time :: sunday breakfast

All about the girls on sunday morning; two besties and their girls.

It was awesome. I drove all the way to Anna's house with no music. We love music, and always have it playing in the car; singing and bopping away. I was never really a top 40 girl, but since little people I am a bopping teenager again.

I wanted to talk to Keely, let her talk to me. It was beautiful. This was my favourite part of our mummy and Keely time. No real distractions, except our own words to each other, and the road of course.

Monday, October 18, 2010

craft monday :: painting together

Painting is awesome with little people. This was my time with both of my little people on saturday. We did at least 40 minutes of focused time with 5 different colours of paints and 3 sheets of new cardboard. I love how they are both at different stages with their artistic abilities.

I know Keely will be artistic, as she already is. She will use her creative head to get through life. Taj I am still reading. I think he will follow in the same footsteps and be creative too. He thoroughly enjoyed painting and I loved his brush stroke style. There is something there!

They both did their paintings, their way. Then together they grabbed the last sheet and painted together. This was my favourite part to watch as their mum. Sharing without being told to share. Playing together because they wanted to. This 40 minutes, or 20 minutes on their own with me just being there is beautiful. A time well spent, and cherished in my mummy memory. (Thank you Renee for telling me all about this 20 minutes).

Craft rocks. Love it. They love it.


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