Monday, March 28, 2011

flying by the seat of my pants

Impulse rocks. Impulse and miss spontaneous me is back. I love her. She rocks. She is that woman that jumps in the car and just goes. Flies by the seat of her pants. Books holidays with no real thought. Just the thought of leaving on a jet plane. Packing the bag with minimal things, so I can come home with more than I left with. Not into paying for excess baggage. Hire a car. No accommodation booked. And roll with it. Stay in a place if I like it, and if I don't move on. Meet people, or choose to not meet people.

I am leaving in five months to travel from LA to San Francisco in a hire car. Just me, and the beach road. Some might call it a mid life crisis. I would call it a well deserved holiday for me. I have no real plans. I have two plans, and one is to see my best friend in San Francisco as he moves there in 3 weeks. The second plan is to fit in like a local. I like to roll that way. Slipping into life in another town or country is such a beautiful way to take it all in. I will be like any other beach bum in the USA, but with the Aussie accent. I might have to practice some air surfing with my other arm. I am not too sure how the left arm will roll with the air, but I will make sure I put a lot of practice in.


Over the weekend an awesome friend put her hand up to roll with me for a week. The best thing is she is like me. We both like to slip into life, and not be the typical tourist. Looks like we will start in San Francisco, as that is a place my friend really wants to see, travel down the coast together to LA. She will return home, and I will rock it on my own for a week. A road trip! And still plenty of time for me to be me. Wonder what I will do? Fly by the seat of my pants I think, and just be me.

Flick me some ideas! I have been to LA before, and I loved it. Absolutely loved it. I slipped into life as a local, and ate at some really quaint restaurants, where I saw Eric Bana, and Robert De Niro. I have been as far north as Malibu. So there is a lot more for me to see. I am a little excited and doing a crazy happy dance right now!

This year was, and is, about creating opportunities. (If you forgot, click here and you will see my view on the year). Grabbing my life by the balls, and being me, and sharing way too many images of myself!


  1. you are creating amazing opportunities and I wish I could jump on the plane with you!
    i wish you the very best time, i haven't been to the States yet, hopefully in the near future.

    keep on flying Hayley!!

  2. Go you! I spent 4 days hanging alone in Venice Beach and loved it. My fave US cities are Washington and New Orleans, bit out of the way for you though! Loving the way you roll :) Rock on! x

  3. Sounds so so good, wishing i could fly away to LA too. Can't wait to hear about your adventures on your blog.

  4. i used to live in LA and love the Pacific Coast Highway drive to/from San Fran. So exciting, we'll have to discuss on Thursday! x

  5. Sounds like a great trip, just as a little aside, I see you're growing your fringe out.. Must say I loved your fringe, the new hairstyle looks great, but I reckon the fringe really rocked. I can imagine the fringe could be hard work, I sport a hairstyle quite like your current do because I don't have the energy for the fringe or hairstyling full stop, but the fringe really rocked. I'm missing the finge.

  6. you are so awesome and inspiring! ahhh. I lived in SF for 5 years and just moved to Oakland. I will think of some fun things for you to do! How exciting you ROCK!

  7. HOW AWESOME! Love the highway 1 drive! Stop in Carmel by the Sea - eat at Clint Estwoods Restaurant there... and be sure to eat some fish tacos in San Luis Obispo (love that spot)....




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