Sunday, March 20, 2011

rock on

Sometimes you just have to rock it. Suck it up a little. You have to clear out all the clutter, and start all over again. I have cleared it out. Cleared it out of myself, and cleared it out of my space. There is still some more to do with the space, but myself is rocking. And what an awesome feeling to have. What an awesome way to finish my weekend, and to start my new week. Happiness.

Turn up your music. Put your dancing shoes on. Grab someone to dance with. Or dance on your own. Sing a little. Listen to the beat of your own heart. Live life to the fullest and be a little spontaneous. Talk to strangers. Really hear them. Smile throughout your day. You might just get a smile back. You never know who might change your life. Even for that moment you might feel awesome. And that is all sometimes we need.

Be all kinds of awesome with yourself. And rock on.


  1. Wooooo whooooo!! This post makes me wanna kick my shoes off and dance a jig. Off to do just that, Hayley. x

  2. I love your posts Hayley, they are full of energy & your photos are always so bright! I look forward to them every day...thanks x

  3. i put away my winter boots today. yippee for that huh? :)



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