Friday, March 25, 2011

control the cruise

Are you a crazy driver, or a sunday driver? I am somewhere in the middle. I don't venture too far from my stomping grounds of the Northern Beaches in Sydney, and my little car, better known as zippy zee, rarely goes over 70kms/hour. I must admit I love going over the bridge, just so I can hit one part of the road, which must be half a kilometre of 5th gear action.

I drive a manual, and love having control over the car. I am not too sure if I would love it so much in peak hour traffic, but I am lucky enough to not play that game. As you know I recently traveled to Canberra, and I was on the open road. The good old highway. I have cruise control, and I had forgotten I had it. I felt like I was not even driving. I kind of like that!

I am one that drives to my mood. I am a pretty relaxed person, and so I drive a little relaxed, but not overly relaxed to make other drivers frustrated with my style. I like to stick to the limit around town. I must say though, and this is rarely, I will put the peddle to the metal if I am in a really crap mood. I am so glad this is rarely, as I become one of those nutty road rage drivers. Ok, maybe not so road rage. I don't give the bird, (the rude finger), I just get cranky at the sunday drivers, when I am clearly not in a sunday driving mood.

How do you drive? Are you driven by your emotions?

Cruise your weekend away, and remember sunday is an acceptable day to play sunday driving! Don't forget your music. There is nothing like hanging that arm out the window, air surfing, singing at the top of your lungs, and bopping away to your favourite tunes. You just might make someone's day with your crazy singing and dancing style..... It is like when you bust someone picking their nose; what is the deal with that?!


  1. Go the Zippy Zee! Just traded my lemon of a VW Bora for a 'soccer Mum' station wagon. Soooo not me!! Perhaps I need a name for the new girl!

  2. music, air surfing? come vist ;)

  3. Driving is a bit of a (sore) topic around here at the moment!
    How long did it take for me to get to work today - should be 30mins (23k/14miles) - more like 80mins!! Don't get me started! Don't mention the M2.....

    Roll on the weekend!



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