Wednesday, March 16, 2011

mother and daughter rock it

A weekend full of emotions was full of awesome times with my girl. There is no doubt I need to do more of that with her. Just the girls. Hanging out. It made me see how much of me she now does not get with Taj being more dependent on me. It has allowed me to have a new found patience with her. And also understanding that she too needs me as much as her brother does. It may not be in the same way; it will be made up with a whole lot more of me. I know too well how much I need my mum, and I am almost 34. She needs me.

Keely and I talked. She turned her dvd off in the car as soon as we drove past the outskirts of Sydney. We talked, and sung the whole way to Canberra. Wow she is growing up.

We fluffed our nails, and sat in massage chairs that massaged our bottoms. The lady next to me had it on super speed. I kept it on mellow. She was shaking like a lizard. I received free flips (aka: flip flops, thongs). I flicked them back. They were no salts!

Keely was Tinkerbell. I was Wendy. I wanted to be Peterpan.

"Look mum, we can lay down in the shower and pretend we are swimming!" The shower was HUGE. We swam on our tummies. We giggled.

Keely went around and around the revolving doors in the hotel. It looked like fun. I jumped in too.

We danced. We danced all night at my sister's wedding. What a beautiful girl to dance with.

"Mum, we can put nanny's gift, (bonbonerie), in a balloon. It might be a bit heavy. We could get it to her mum!" (I am doing a beautiful job raising my daughter).

Keely cooked for my mum's friends. She gave them pebbles out of the garden of the cafe. My mum would have been proud.

mother and daughter. big love.

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  1. I have to stop reading your posts now Hayley, I am a crying mess.
    you are so honest & just awesome!



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