Tuesday, March 1, 2011

baked beans are good for your...

There is nothing like having two children that run rings around you. Having to lug them around in the car while you do things that have to be done. The parenting guilt sets in, and you feel like you should be doing nothing but letting them play at the beach. Stomping feet, and tears. Oh how I wish I could stomp my feet!

When my day is chaotic and I am playing in and out of the car I opt for the easy dinner. The "make me feel like an even worst parent" by dishing out the baked beans dinner hits the table. Heat them up in the pan, throw some bread in the toaster and BOOM you have dinner for two.

Easy and a little guilty parenting.

*tuna and pasta, plain pasta with cheese, seem to be our running "make me feel like an even worst parent" dinners.


  1. We had one of those guilty dinners tonight as well. Tried to convince Poppy that open-grill sandwiches were 'mini-square' pizzas. Saddest little excuses for a pizza EVER!

    Oh, and it would have been baked beans on toast if I had any in the cupboard.

  2. There's nothing wrong with good old beans on toast - yum! Even better - grated cheese, beans and toast! Guess what I'm having for dinner? x

  3. My worse parent meals include 2 minute noodles with egg and peas stirred through, boiled eggs with soldiers or a vege/fruit/nuts/cracker platter. I even resort to spag bol in a tin sometimes, as she loves it so much. Oh, sometimes she gets her own dinner (???) and I find her eating dry weetbix in the pantry. THAT's when I feel really bad, as though I'm starving her :(
    You are not alone Miss, please don't give yourself a hard time xx

  4. Mine has cold baked beans & toast for an easy meal - I don't think she's ever had them hot! bad parent!!

  5. hee hee at least you heat them up! i've served them cold straight from the can . ooooh now i feel bad, but hey they love them and they are super healthy :)

  6. Hurrah! I do the same! Except I'm one step further up the ladder of 'worst parent ever' - I serve em up cold baked beans! Hey, that's how I eat 'em! xx

  7. Hi Hayley,
    I'm a friend of Sophie's and have "met" you about twelve different times now!! I look out for you at Bacino but think you must go early in the morning. Anyway, I give my little girl fish fingers, beans and scrambled egg about twice a week, once for dinner in an emergency and once for lunch on the weekend when we're running out of food. Before I had her I think I told someone that she will only ever eat organic.. ahem, what was I thinking???? Anyway, I am sure I will run into you sometime soon, in the meantime I really enjoy your blog.
    PS - I also told my husband once that the only beans I will serve my child are Heinz but I confess, I sometimes buy Homebrand...xx

  8. Yep it happens around here too. If you really were a bad parent you wouldn't care at all!

  9. I am so into baked beans dude. I think I need to try cooking my own, they're meant to be rad.



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