Monday, March 7, 2011

all fluffy

I don't do makeup. I don't do the whole fluffed up thing. I do however like to feel pretty, and somewhat sexy being a woman, especially being the new woman I am today. I don't really do dresses, or skirts. I am the woman that likes to roll with shorts, and jeans. I feel comfortable in them. I feel like me. I still feel like a woman. I believe it is what is inside of us that makes us ladies. The true inner feelings of yourself is what makes you a lady. No stilettos or makeup is going to make you feel like a lady. You need to feel it on the inside, and then own it!

This weekend I am going to own it. I have no doubt I will most probably feel the prettiest I have ever felt. I am happy, and truly love the person I am. I love the woman and person I have grown into, and finally accepted. That along with the fluffing will allow me to feel special for my sister's special day. She is getting married. I am giving her away. I will walk in my mum's shoes that day. I will hold her hand. I will hold my sister's hand, and the three of us will walk together.

I bought makeup. I bought the whole lot. I mean the whole lot. You name the piece of fluffing, and I bought it. Sucked in? Yes maybe. But you know the lady made me feel, and look somewhat pretty. I am wearing blush! I am wearing a pink tone lipstick. I don't do pink, and I don't do rosy cheeks. But I am doing them.

Today I purchased my first makeup bag of fluffing products. Today I stepped into womanhood. Today I feel pretty. Today I feel like a barbie doll!

A lady.


  1. Welcome to the fluff that woman hood is (if only lol).
    If you are lucky enough to look so beautiful without make up - you look freakin hot tomali with it!

  2. It's posts like these that make me love you even more (in a non-creepy way of course ;))

    Sure you will rock it this weekend! x

  3. Oh, your post made me smile! I don't do makeup either. Or dresses. I love that you own the jeans and shorts, and also that you're fluffing up for your sister's special day. Rock on, Hayley!

  4. You look gorgeous! x And there's not problem with fluffing up :)

  5. You look beautiful. Enjoy fluffing. It's such fun!

  6. your skin is glowing! I can see your healthy shining happy personality peeking through ...

    unlike myself where i attempt to cover my penchant or sugar and lack of water drinking using some fluff.

    what brands did you buy?

    enjoy this special time with your sister. look forward to some pictures :)

  7. hey peta! I bought all lancome. I was told it was the best, and really nice. They lady was awesome, and really did make me feel pretty. I hope I can pull it off on the day, and not look like someone that has had a pizza smashed in their face!!

    It will be a beautiful day! x



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