Thursday, January 27, 2011

air surfing

I love random. Random things that you do in life. I have one thing that is an action and also a thought. While driving in the car, I like the window down, air conditioning on at the same time, (I know waste of the cold air), music up, and my arm out the window, with my hand surfing the breeze. There is something that is relaxing about your hand surfing the waves of air. Plus it clearly does not matter if you can stand up, and there is no one to drop in on you!

My thought that goes with this random thing of mine is that I wish the people in the cars going the other way would put their hands up and give me a good old fashioned high five.

What is your thing? Do you have a thing....

Or will you give me a high five!


  1. In keeping with the driving theme. Sometimes, whenever I drive past or overtake a car I'll keep one hand on the wheel and with the outer arm move it as if I'm running really fast. I love the looks I get.

    PS: I would so give you a high-five ;)

  2. would tots give you a high five!

  3. I'd give you a high five, no doubt! That would be awesome x

  4. I do love a bit of air surfing!

    I too drive with my aircon on and the window down. I do it with the heater too.. Good balance of air!!



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