Tuesday, March 15, 2011

being me; the huge me

I feel there is something more for me. Something huge I will do that will inspire others. I thought it would be a book I would write. But as I thought of this all weekend, as I have for a very long time now, I came to the realisation yesterday that I am already doing huge. It took one email from a friend. Words she spoke straight from her heart and straight to my heart.

She said so much to me on a facebook photo, and from there I sent her an email to tell her what I had accomplished over the weekend. Why I had so much pain along with the happiness. {This was far from a poor me email; I have never been poor me. I suck up a lot of the "poor me"}.

I received her email back. An email that has touched me incredibly. Her words tell me the answer. I have already done huge. I am an inspiration. I beat abuse. I faced my fears. I shared it to the world. I lost my mum. I worked through grief that I believed I would never come out of. I now live with my mum as part of me. I have strength that one can only dream of.

My friend said to me, "you are unstoppable!"

Yes I am. I am living my dreams. I am doing everything I love. I am creating happiness. I am giving my happiness to others. I am turning negative into positive. I give a part of myself to everyone that crosses into my life; even for a moment.

"gracious - how I see YOU, inspirationally strong, merciful, calm and wise from the unfairness life has dealt you, I don't know how you do it, but you take all that negative and turn it into positive - it's fucking rad babe!"...

The answer. She told me the answer. Be me. Just be the person I am.

Thank you Riks!.... x

We as humans like to have our huge things in life. I know we all have something that might be little to some, and huge to ourselves. It can be cooking up your first ever dinner party for your closest friends, being an adventurer and sailing around the world, snowboarding down a mountain for the first time; anything really. Anything that you believe is huge. I have no doubt there will be more for me. Even though I still have the answer, I will strive to accomplish more in life. It is what I do. It is me being me. My next huge might even be cooking my first ever roast. Yes, I have never cooked a roast! Not a full roast. I have baked veges, but not the same as my mum used to do.

Who is up for a sunday roast at mine? Not promising awesome, but I will try. And that is all we need to do in life; try.


  1. Wow, I love this! I find it awesome that you are such a positive person! It really is an inspiration to me, and I am sure many other people. :) Thank you for sharing this. xx Natalie

  2. I'm in for the online roast. And yay for friends that send you the love you need right when you need it. You're doing pretty damn good from this angle too Hayley. x

  3. I came here after Foxs Lane (where I was already in tears) and now there are more but these are tears more joyful than sad. Youve given again, heart warming insight into the wonderful woman you are.
    How amazing is it to have friends in life to sculpt words for us when we need them most?
    You seem to have all the perspective you need for now

  4. count me in! I will cross the bridge for a roast :) xx

    glad you are getting the encouragement you so truly deserve to hear x

  5. A very touching post, Hayley. And your friend is 100% right. You live it: be the change you wish to see in the world. x

  6. you are such an inspiration to probably more people than you know!

  7. I agree with Hazel, you are an inspiration.

    By the way I cooked my first full roast dinner just last year - easy peasy, thanks to recipe from Jamie Oliver x



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