Tuesday, January 4, 2011

the year

A new year is here. To me it is like another day or week, or even moment in my life.

"A year of opportunities."

One of my awesome friends who came and stayed with me in the Blease mansion (aka: tiny unit), told me all about opportunities and how we need to seize the moment and create them. That is what I am doing. It is now the forth day into the new year and I have created an opportunity. I have purchased a cruiser skateboard, a Sector Nine. Some may say after leaving her husband I am having a midlife crisis. But I am too young for that, so I have been told, and really why should buying something fun and outrageous be classed as a midlife crisis?

I am not sure if I understand the whole "midlife crisis." For me I am enjoying my life, taking up something I did when I was in my early 20's and creating opportunities. I am not sure what opportunities will arise from buying my skateboard, but I am sure one day I will find out. Maybe I will discover that the saying, "chicks dig scars," can also be altered in saying, "guys dig scars?"

I have always had an adventurous personality, one that may not think logically, but one that has a whole lot of fun being a little out of the ordinary. I have climbed to the top of the mountains in the snow, never boarding in my life, and boarded to the bottom, and a lot of the way I spent on my bottom. But I made it, to only do it again, and again, and again. I have bought a downhill mountain bike and jumped over many obstacles on some of the awesome tracks in my old home town, Canberra. When moving to Sydney I bought a surfboard and I actually stood up, surfed some waves, and screamed with shear excitement at the top of my lungs. All of these things I did in my 20's, and I had the best time. I have a good scar to show my fun side.

The fun side is what it should be classed as. Why should something out of the ordinary be classed as a moment in life that has some element of craziness; a midlife crisis?

This year is a year of opportunities. You just have to create them, or go with the flow as they happen for you. Either way you look at it, I am seizing the moment and living a little. I am going to cruise the beaches with my little people on their scooters, and me on my Sector. As my mum would say, "go on Hayley grab it by the balls!"

Here is to a year of opportunities!


  1. Good for you Hayley! What's that saying " We only regret the things we didnt do" or something like that :)

  2. That is so cool - you go! I think it's great you got the skateboard - I hope you have a fantastic year x

  3. I like your style Hayley...have fun!

  4. You're kiddin' aren't you? Midlife crisis? Bah. What crisis? Crisis is when people are dying - and even then, what can you do? Unless you're a neurosurgeon or something and then it's your job, not a crisis. Gee sus.
    Ride that wheely boardy thingy and have fun. I am buying roller skates this year and I may or may not pluck up the courage to lose my teeth in a roller derby but even if I don't pluck up the courage that'll be me out there wobbly on my eight wheels rolling along at about 0.5km/h.

  5. Midlife 'crises' are wonderful - it's when you allow the authentic self to emerge. Have fun!!

  6. Skateboards are so cool. I'm coming over tomorrow to have a go. Ten bucks says I come home with grazed knees. x

  7. Who says you have to act your age???? Boring, have fun I say!

  8. Skateboarding rocks... nuff said :) enjoy and remember to put your weight on the back foot, and if it goes too fast..head for the grass :)

  9. You are crazy - crazy in a totally good way - go for it

  10. Awesome awesome post. This IS a year of opportunities, I totally agree. And you're the coolest mama ever. A skateboard? Genius.
    My husband used to skateboard and i agree scars and all are totally hot xx

  11. "The fun side is what it should be classed as. Why should something out of the ordinary be classed as a moment in life that has some element of craziness; a midlife crisis?"

    That's my favorite line. I pray that even when I'm in my 50's, doing something crazy won't be out of the ordinary but something normal.

    What is normal anyway?

    You are awesome! Happy New Year!

  12. Hi Hayley
    Thanks so much for this post. It has inspired me to go out and do something that I have been wanting to do for months, that is, get myself a ripstick. I tried one last year and had THE BEST time cruising the concrete paths down by the beach and it was such a good ab workout. I hadn't got it yet because I was worried of looking like a 25 year old loser, but darn it, if you are doing it then so am I!
    By the way, I can't skateboard for the life of me but was able to ripstick on my very first try. You will have to post a video of your skateboarding skills :)



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