Wednesday, March 2, 2011

all for the leukaemia foundation

There is something about brave people and brave people that accomplish bravery while helping others. I am very fortunate and lucky to have two of my awesome friends show their bravery for the Leukaemia Foundation's, World's Greatest Shave. Next week they will be shaving off their hot hair-do's. Some of their little people are kindly raising their hands too! I was asked to join them in their awesomeness, but I have my sister's wedding the next day, and as Anita kindly noted, she does not believe with hair like mine I would be "allowed" to shave it off.

Instead of shaving mine I have donated to the Leukaemia Foundation, and you can too, by following their link.

I had fun photographing Anita and Renee today, and I look forward to returning from the wedding and having double bald head rubs, and capturing their new hot hair-do's.

Rock on Renee and Anita!

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  1. yes so brave, such a good cause, so wonderful they both are doing that! Linda F.



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