Thursday, March 3, 2011

happy smile

I am sure I have said this a few times, in some way or another; life is what you make it. Yes there are things that happen that are completely out of our control, like the loss of a loved one, or a foot with stress fractures.(that is a post for another day).

I have been told that I have such a "good" life. That I am very "lucky" to have what I have. This is of course from people who truly do not know me. Yes my life is beautiful. It may even be all good to an extent. To the extent I can possibly get it to. There is still room for more of course. But for now I feel like it is beautiful. And this is because I make it this way; I swim in the ocean everyday, I run everyday, I have a coffee at my favourite cafe everyday, I have beautiful little people, rockin' friends, and I wear a smile. My choices.

I wear a smile as I am happy inside. I am making myself happy. I am surrounding myself with awesome people, and doing things that I love. (That has to be enough to make someone happy and to show it on the outside). Beautiful people in one's life reflects on your own personality. I smile, and in return I receive a smile. To make others happy, makes me happy.

Life is what you make it. Life is full of fear. But life is full of hope. And sometimes that is all we need; a little hope. This is my year of opportunities, and I am grabbing each and everyone of them, with a grin from ear to ear.

Laugh like you have never laughed, and dance your life to the beat of your heart. And if all else fails wear happy socks with sandals, and you cannot help but smile!



  1. Great post and very timely for me - thank you!!

  2. I love your outlook on life Hayley. I also love the socks - where did you get those? Al

  3. you & your happy socks & sandals! only you could rock that look. you're one in a billion ms. pinwheel :)

  4. A beautiful thought for the day. Thank you. My husband and I were talking along those lines the other day. Being happy is a choice. Misery loves company. It is up to you.

  5. Awesome post Hayley, just the inspirational words I need at the end of an exhausting week. Bring on a happy weekend :)

  6. Beautiful things for a beautiful person. Love you xx



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