Wednesday, March 30, 2011

time to play night memory

There is nothing like feeling like you have been hit by a bus. An amazing amount of tiredness as you try to get through the afternoon chaos. The time I love the most! I am coffee'd up. I have had that much today it is out of control.

Today was the perfect day for Keely to write my name on a piece of paper and stick it on the mirror in the bathroom. She told me that this paper was to remind me of my name, and every time I look into the mirror I will see it, and myself.

Apparently coffee is great to stop, and help with alzheimer's. Clearly today I will have no memory loss with enough coffee under my belt and my name in my face every time I go to the bathroom.

Although I still do not want to play the nighttime routine game. Not sure why as in a little under 2 hours I will be talking to myself.


  1. Was great to run into you and meet the litle dude today. I wish we could do it more often. What will I do without Barefoot?! x

  2. I could have done with a few crafty coffee's today - had to settle for Diet Red Bull mixed with diet coke - only thing that would keep me from nodding off at my desk.
    If I ever moaned about being tired before having a kid - I didn't know what I was talking about...!!

  3. I love how you write. and that little note is priceless



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