Tuesday, March 8, 2011

nobody puts hayley in the corner

I am great with words, more so the written word. I also believe if I can work the words out in my head, I am great with them out of my mouth. That is something I am building on. I get very nervous, and afraid of saying the wrong thing. I was shot down a lot in my life for the things I would say. It was very hurtful. I guess that is why I write. I can get the words out with little thought, and they flow from the heart. There is never a negative comment, and I am not left feeling less than the person I am. I am left feeling good, not dumb. I want that when I speak. I want that same feeling. I want to express my feelings and feel confident in how I am feeling.

Confrontation and I are not friends. I don't do it. I don't do anger. I don't do fights. It is not me. It is not my nature. I cannot handle feeling like I am pushed up in a corner for having a heart that wants to talk. I need understanding and acceptance in my words. And in my feelings.

I am going to stand in front of about 100 people. I am going to stand there with the words I have written straight from my heart. I am going to stand there and tell my sister and her new husband my feelings. I am going to stand there and share my feelings through spoken words. I believe this will be the first step in fighting my fear of expressing my feelings. A great gift to give to my sister, and an even better gift to give to myself.

There will be tears. I will be shaking. There will be happiness as I hand over my words to my sister and her new husband. My spoken words for them to keep.

love. acceptance. understanding. happiness. beautiful heart.

rock on sister!


  1. You'll be great! You have such a beautiful way of putting things with a hint humor, your sister will be so happy, proud and overjoyed at what you have to say and that your her sister!

  2. A beautiful gesture, you'll go so well, Hayley! Be proud, be strong. x

  3. what a lovley "present" for your sister and also for you...;)...i´m so totally confident that you will be brilliant...that you will find the right words...that you will be so much you...;)...yes, Hayley, go for this moment and show your lovable person...you are amazing...;)...thanks for sharing...have a wonderful time with your love ones...cheers and hugs...i...

  4. This is the gift of trueness.
    You may just find you wont be that nervous afterall as youve shared in here, first....just maybe youll feel stronger on this special day at the right moment.
    Have a wonderful day, and I mean all day...



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