Thursday, March 31, 2011

ABCD meet-up

Tonight I am going to the ABCD meet-up with some very crafty people. I am not too sure how crafty I am and if I fit into the whole craft element of the night, or if I am more the person that talks way too much in words. Maybe that is the blogger I am coming as.

I am bringing something to add to the goodie bag, and there are 17 of us playing this game. I of course chose to do something that not only reflects me, has some of my words, but is also the most fiddly thing to put together! The finished product is kind of cute, and something that is very me.

A message in a bottle; a little crafty, loves to write, something from the heart, and a keepsake.

If you are in the Rozelle area, come and say hello. We will be there from 7pm.... well I could be late, been known to get lost using an iphone as my roadmap!

The 3 Weeds
197 Evans St


  1. Love it - looks very crafty - you have already beat me in the crafty stakes - My little goody for the bag reflects me but definitely not as crafty - look forward to meeting you tonight! Leanne from

  2. how very exciting!
    have fun girls, wish I was there ♥

  3. Hayley, so awesome to meet you last night. Your message in a bottle was so perfectly cute. You were right in assuming the getting said message out of the bottle would prove quite challenging. I pulled a Macgyver move and used a booby pin from my hair. Genius.

  4. Booby pin. hahahahahahahahhaha

    You are awesome Hayley. Just saying.

  5. Thank so much for my message - it did make me smile! Such a sweet addition to the goodie bag.

  6. oh my gosh! Noooooo!! A typo, of the worst kind! Bahaha. Hayley why did you approve that? And thanks Steph (insert sarcasm) for pointing it out!! Obvs meant to read 'bobby' pin. Oh dear.........

  7. I loved the booby!! I was trying to figure out what a booby pin was, and when Macgyver used one! xx



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