Saturday, March 5, 2011

jump on your bed

There is no way the fun police live in our little pinwheel home. There is a small traffic cop, but that is all. There are boundaries. There are some rules put into place. Rules that can slightly be broken in certain occasions. Those occasions depend on the traffic controller's mood. Most of the time, actually probably 99% of the time the traffic cop is feeling pretty awesome, and wanting to break the rules too!

Jumping on mum's bed is allowed. They can get good height, and you will find mum jumping too. Building soft landing pads next to the couch and jumping onto those homemade pads is allowed. There are of course rules, actually there might only be one, and that is make sure you wait your turn to avoid collisions. Mum has been spotted jumping too. The beanbags make for a great soft landing.

Laughter. Fun. Happiness. And a whole lot of love live in this home. Rock on to having my little people living a childhood life. And rock on to allowing myself, on occasion, to have back what I had taken away from me.

Jump on your bed. Jump on your own. Jump with your little people. Be happy, and for a moment be young. Live in that moment.

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. what a terrific mum... and reclaiming your childhood is a brilliant idea, that brings a tear... you three are the best!

  2. awesome!!
    i feel exactly the same about reclaiming what was taken away. too much yelling when I was little, don't like that at all now.

    keep on jumping Hayley!!

  3. Awesome idea - just don't break the bed! My lovely husband jumped on the bed with our first son and broke it... He 'kind of' fixed it up and didn't tell me. I found out when it broke on me- I thought it was because I was 38 weeks pregnant and enormous!!

  4. This is BY FAR my favourite blog post this week! I love it! And for the next week I plan on letting the inner child rule!
    Rock on mumma!
    x Stacey

  5. Beautiful text and I agree with Jessi, terrific mum! Your little people can be very happy to have you as their mum!

  6. Fantastic- what a lovely post! Until we moved house recently, we used to have a big exposed beam above our bed and F(5) used to hand upside down off it! Which I'd taken a pc before we moved...

  7. I totally agree! My bed always looks trashed, not because I don't make it beautifully every morning but because Sylas jumps on it and tosses the pillows around several times a day! Let them have fun I say...I love going down the slide and getting on the swings at the park and I find it sad that I never see any of the other mums do it!?
    Let loose, live and show the kids how it's done!!!
    xx see you soon.

  8. My mum taught Liv to jump on the bed. We usually do it to the rhyme of "no more monkeys jumping on the bed!" Cute as.

  9. Your little people will have wonderful memories of their childhood, and what a awesome mum they have, here's to bouncing! x

  10. i love seeing my kids faces when they jump on the bed - pure happiness!! so worth it!!!

  11. Your kids are adorable! I love that you jump on the bed with them. That is so cute. :)



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