Sunday, March 27, 2011


When one has a bang, aka fringe, they sometimes get over them, and want a change. I am that one. I had the bang. Rocked it for a while, and now I have decided to roll with the long fringe. Hoping for it to be eventually that long side swept fringe. It is now at the stage where it is a side swept fringe, or more like side bit fringe. I am not sure if it knows what it is doing. I am at that stage of almost going for the cut and rocking the blunt fringe again. Especially with winter rolling in. But I am going to suck it up, and persist with pinning it back.

Apparently there is a look called the quiff. I didn't even know it was called something. I would call it the 'pin back annoying long fringe that does not want to play the game' look. I tried to rock it today. Not sure if I did. I have done my research, and I am sure I am not making mine "big" enough. Although I think I will keep that to the women, or girls that like to have the big fringe. I had that look in the early 90s, not going backwards, when I am very much walking forwards in life.

I rolled with the small version of the quiff. Rock the quiff!

Any ideas for fringe do's to see me through for the next few months?

{I believe I might be posting way too many images of myself, and I think there might be another one tomorrow. This image above was taken especially for my awesome friend, Nat, who wanted to know how I was feeling today. Pretty sure this image tells her and everyone else, that I am feeling all kinds of awesome}.


  1. Ah, the pain of growing out a fringe! At least your hair is straight! I went with wearing headbands a lot when growing out mine a while back! And Pins also became my very close friends :) xx

  2. One word Hayley, HAT!
    Love the quiff on you though, you have the right face shape for it.

  3. definately rocking the mini-quiff!

  4. Im liking the mini quiff on you too.
    Been trying to plait across the front of my forehead and then dangle it down. You probably want something more modernt han that tho.
    It doesnt look 'hippy' if you do it messed up.
    Thats my fave at the moment. Have you spotted the frenchy do's at 'a cup of jo'? Very inspiring



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